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“Today you are You!

That is truer than true.

There is no one alive

Who is Youer than You.”

~ Dr. Seuss

This is Nathaniel, the first albino peacock I have ever seen! Isn’t he FABULOUS? He lives at the Qolas Sanctuary in England. I’d like to thank my friend, client and loyal subscriber Sue Dent, for posting the photo on Facebook this week!

Are you awestruck seeing this photo? At first I thought it had been photo-shopped! It had to be a trick! But I asked Sue and she gave me the scoop on this gorgeous bird. Once I discovered he was REAL, I heard Spirit say to me “Now THERE’s this week’s newsletter article!” LOL!

The male peacock is arguably one of the most beautiful creatures on earth! When they strut their stuff – they are beyond gorgeous! You just drop your jaw at Mother Nature sometimes!

But here we have Nathaniel – by all “rights” – an aberration! He’s not “normal” – he doesn’t have all those “normal” shimmering blues and greens that make a peacock a peacock!

He’s different.

He’s unusual.

And to his peers – he is an outcast!

Have you felt that way before? Because YOU look (or act) different or more “unusual” than YOUR peers? I sure have! In the past (and to be honest sometimes even in the present) I’ve defined myself as an outcast and worse because of my size and shape! Have you? Most women, for sure, (and a whole lot of men I understand) believe there’s SOMETHING wrong with some body part or another!

Heck we all have bad hair days at the very least right?

And what do we do then? We hide the hair under a hat or drown it in products! : ) And when it’s something you can’t hide – like my weight for instance – what do you do then? For years I wouldn’t wear big earrings because I thought plus-size women shouldn’t draw attention to themselves. And then, when I was in my early 30s, I met a woman I quite admired who usually wore THE most awesome earrings! They were always different, usually big and shiny, and mostly dangley! I often complimented her and one day I shared why I was afraid to wear earrings like hers.

She told me something that changed my life in more ways than the obvious! It was so simple and so logical and so honest!

All she said was, “You can’t hide your size Steph. Wear what you want and enjoy it!”



I chose to make a NEW decision about my appearance in that moment. I chose to honor ME instead of worrying about what everyone else might think. I now have a collection of earrings that would rival the number of shoes in Carrie Bradshaw’s closet! And they don’t call me Stephanie RAINBOW for nothing! Most of my clothes are brightly colored and not only make me happy, but I’m frequently told that I light up the room when I arrive because my rainbow wardrobe makes people smile!

It took me a long time, but I finally “got” that there was no point trying to camouflage my size! I’m big! I don’t always like that — but I always AM that — SO THERE!

THAT’s what Nathaniel represents! It’s hard to imagine there could be a more beautiful bird than the “normal” peacock. And then Nathaniel bursts on the scene in all of his pure white glory! He’s absolutely stunning! And it doesn’t look like he’s hiding his special style and flair under a bushel does it?

So today – I urge YOU to strut YOUR stuff proudly!

Whatever it is you think diminishes you about your appearance (or any other part of you inside) – do something daring this week and don’t hide! Most importantly – stop berating yourself for being different! Whether you think you are too fat, too thin, too stupid, too short, too old, too young, too uncoordinated or WHATEVER . . . be assured your Divine Spirit and aura shine just as bright and magnificently as Nathaniel here!


Shine baby shine!

Be the unique bird that you already are!

You are awesome!!!!


Rainbow blessings!

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  • Marina

    Thank you for your wonderful work!!!!

  • Anonymous

    You are so welcome Marina! Thanks for taking the time to comment here AND on Facebook!

    Rainbow Blessings!

  • Lily, Path To Abundance, Inc.

    Oh my goodness Stephanie!
    THANK YOU for your wonderful article and the amazing pic of the lovely Nathaniel.

    Your honest words about your own struggles and thoughts about your weight are SO important for SO MANY people to hear. I don’t quite know what about it was so spectacular – maybe simply the deep honest vulnerable feelings but it was so beautifully written and I could just FEEL the permission to BE in my being from your geneous words.

    THANK YOU for writing this article.

    Much love and gratitude,