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In a recent email newsletter to my subscribers, I told them in order to be more completely aligned with my mission to serve others, that I was revamping my business, especially in the areas of marketing and pricing.

Today, I want all of my readers to have the same information too! What follows  is an excerpt from my POSITIVE VIBES newsletter and some further explanation and information so everyone is on the same page and has the same NEW opportunities!

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INSTEAD of listening to marketing gurus that primarily teach (at the end of the day) how to persuade you into buying my services and products, I am returning to my original “stars-in-my-eyes” intention when I began this path nearly 3 years, to FULLY and COMPLETELY (as humanly possible) trust my heart and my intuition (aka Divine Guidance) and follow the principles of the Law of Attraction,

I don’t feel good “persuading” you.  I believe in the principle of “attraction rather than promotion.”  In other words, I freely put out what I’m about, how I can help you, give you some inspiration, encouragement, help you learn and grow, and then, if you are interested, you exercise your FREE WILL and contact me because you want 1:1 help with YOUR specific, personal issues.

I’m also not about guilt trips and limited time offers for the sake of them.  I’ll put out offers from time to time as my Divine Spirit guides me to — and sometimes — they may only be valid for a short time — while that specific energy is present.  But I just can’t tell you you have to “buy now” or the offer will be ripped away from you and “gone forever.”

I also don’t want to clutter your Inbox several times a week which seems to be common practice these days.  I’ll be publishing inspirational articles, learning tools, and A-HA moments regularly on my website and you have the opportunity to subscribe to those articles either through the RSS Feed or by email so those posts will automatically shoot into your Inbox.

Alternatively, you may choose (which I certainly hope you will! ) to check in regularly (here) on my website and see what’s there that may be useful to you.  It’s a great place to stop in when you are having a fearful, anxious, or stressful moment — almost any of the articles will help lift your vibration and of course the Friday Funnies will always give you a giggle!

*  *  *  *  *

As mentioned above,  I’ve also completed overhauled my pricing and services.  I just can’t see charging you exorbitantly high prices.  I’ts not that I don’t believe I’m worth 4 figures per hour, but I’m just not that kind of girl!  I don’t buy designer brands when I can find something I like just as much that doesn’t have a designer label and therefore costs substantially less.  I like staying in 5 star hotels, but I like it even better when I’m using a special offer, or found a “deal” . . .

So I just can’t justify charging what I perceive as inflated prices even though I know the benefit and transformation you may receive from our sessions may well be priceless!

I therefore invite you to check out  my ALL NEW Services Page which I created to make coaching available to EVERYONE who is ready and willing, whether or not your bank account says your able.

As always, if you have any questions or comments — please leave them below or email me at Steph @ !

I soooo love hearing from you and thank you to all of you who have already taken the time to give me your feedback and sooo much encouragement! :)

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