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Dear One –

Relax, breathe and remember who you truly are! This is not a big deal to us – we do not need you to prove anything to us! Those [critical] voices are not of the Light child. Yes, that’s better – breathe in the Truth Dear One. Breathe in the Light of Truth. Allow that to refresh every cell, to refresh the space between the cells, to activate the Light of Truth within your DNA. Breathe in the Light Child. Breathe out all that is not who you really are.

Allow.  Simply allow.  Allow your magnificence to unfold.  It does not have to be a difficult road for you you know.  It is for some, but the biggest, most painful difficulties you create yourselves, in your resistance to go to that which is unavoidable for you [awakening fully]. While yes, of course, you have free will – you know your destiny Dear One because you agreed to it!   So some have painful experiences in their journeys as Lightworkers for many reasons – but what you fear will be “thrown at you” is unnecessary.  It is unnecessary for all of you – it is just each person’s resistance from their human side – and the release of the resistance is sometimes perceived as painful by fellow Lightworkers.

What we are trying to say and you are finding it a challenge to translate [in this message] is the degree of  “pain” or “drama” in becoming fully “aware” is equal to – NOT greater than – your own resistance. So you are creating your own pain Dear Ones. That is not of us of course. You may choose to “drop the rock” anytime you like Beloved.  We are here for you. We are here to help you fly.  We are here to boomerang back whatever energy you send our way.   So as you know all too well, as you feel fear, fear is what is mirrored back to you.   But equally true – as you feel joy, peace and love – it TOO is mirrored back to you!

All the while we are hoping you have had enough. Yes there is hope in this vibration and more importantly there is True Vision – because even while you are only able to see and feel your resistance and fear – we see well past that and we always see your True Light. This is on you Dear One! Let it [the fear and resistance] go and when you please allow yourself to once again feel the support we have for you and know always that we love you no matter what your ego may try to persuade you to the contrary.

And so it is.

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