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So what do YOU do when you get news that’s a bit hard to take on the first swallow?

I recently read a (very nice and thoughtfully composed) email from my ex, informing me that he is getting married soon to the woman he began seeing just as we separated in July 2009. Our divorce was final the beginning of this year (2010) and as of this writing, we have not been living together for a bit over a  year or so now.

And still . . . I had to force myself to breathe.  And remind myself to breathe again . . . and again . . .

And I sent an email or 2 to a couple of friends.

And then I left to meet my next appointment.

Because my life is good!

My life is GREAT.

My life just keeps getting better and better.  And that’s not bulls_ _t.

My life keeps getting better and better because I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to make it so.

I consciously choose the thoughts I think.  I consciously decide whether to spend my energy wondering about what was or could have been or whether to put my energy into where I want to GO and to the lovely places I’m visiting along the way.

I consciously choose to create a life of joy, peace and comfort.  And I do that by avoiding thoughts, words and actions that are contrary and contradictory to that.

My ex-husband is an excellent example of how easy it is to manifest when you stay focused.  He has created a lovely life for himself and I am NOT being facetious (well, ok,  half of a half of one percent maybe facetious!).  Truly and honestly once we decided to split up, (and probably even before) he spent a great deal of time focusing on exactly what he wanted in his next relationship and virtually no time on what he was leaving behind.

And he met his new wife-to-be almost instantly. BOOM! Instant manifestation.

Yes – that was a little hard to take.  But if I raise my perspective a wee bit – I can see the wisdom in that.  It’s his path and I honestly and truly 10,000% wish him and his wife-to-be well.

And me?

Well just a few days ago (and BEFORE I heard his news) . . . I created my  Feng Shui Vision Board™ for the ROMANCE sections of my home.  That’s the picture here.

So I’ve already set my intentions.

And all is well . . . .

And getting weller . . .

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