TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Powerful emotions tend to take us off center, and when we are off-center our Inner Power cannot be at it’s peak.  Practice returning to the PRESENT MOMENT frequently throughout the day.  It is one of the best ways to return to center — our Divine Being — where peace and unconditional love prevail.  Namaste.  [And thank you to my Yoga Teacher and Friend Catherine Cobeaga for the reminder.]

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December 23, 2010 by  
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Peace on Earth

Good Will To All!

There’s no need for a long elaborate post about today’s message.

But it IS a perfect opportunity for all of us to unite our hearts and minds and set the intention for peace on our planet and harmony for all!

When we collectively focus our energies on a common goal – it has a very powerful and profound effect! This week, on the Winter Solstice Full Moon, the planets are aligned in a configuration that has not happened for over 300 years!  That’s a whole lot of aligning! And a whole lot of power we can access!

So sometime this weekend, perhaps when you first wake up on Christmas morning,  send a little prayer of peace out to the world.  Feel the peace in your heart well up and spill over and send the waves out to the planet, to the animals, to the people, to the trees and the stars.

Lola and I wish you and your loved ones

Peace and Good Will

today and always!

God Bless You!

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