TODAY’S  INNER POWER TIP: “CLEAR the doubt,  RECEIVE the desires!”  When what we want most has yet to materialize, it’s often a sign that our intention is still a bit muddled so the Universe can’t get a clear “bead” on it.  Doubt is 1 of the biggest muddlers, so picture it being cleared out of your vibrational stream and prepare to receive your heart’s desires as they can now clearly flow to you!

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Whether your relationship with your Dad was/is fabulous or less than fabulous, you would not be you without him and your soul connection with him has blessed you with knowledge and wisdom that is forever integrally woven into the tapestry of this lifetime.  Today, take a moment to allow for the appreciation of the entirety of your paternal connection.  It’s OK if that’s a stretch for you!  That’s what truly connecting to your Inner Power is all about!

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP:  “We FEEL aligned with the Divine and we FEEL One.” The more conscious we get, the more aware we are of the disparate and often conflicting voices/parts of us.  When the “Inner Committee” can’t seem to agree on anything, use this statement to re-invoke your Inner Power.  Say it enough times until you can feel the “Committee” align.  Then congratulate yourself and go celebrate!! HOOORAYY!!!

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Saving a Bear

A priest, a Pentecostal preacher and a rabbi all served as chaplains to the students of Northern Michigan University in Marquette. They would get together two or three times a week for coffee and to talk shop.
One day, someone made the comment that preaching to people isn t really that hard. A real challenge would be to preach to a bear. One thing led to another, and they decided to do a seven-day experiment. They would all go out into the woods, find a bear and preach to it.


Seven days later, they re all together to discuss the experience. Father O Flannery, who has his arm in a sling, is on crutches, and has various bandages, goes first. Wellll, he says, in a fine Irish brouge, Ey wint oot into th wooods to fynd me a bearr. Oond when Ey fund him Ey began to rread to him from the Baltimorre Catechism. Welll, thet bearr wanted naught to do wi me und begun to slap me aboot. So I quick grrabbed me holy water and, THE SAINTS BE PRAISED, he became as gentle as a lamb. The bishop is cooming oot next wik to give him fierst communion und confierrmation.


Reverend Billy Bob spoke next. He was in a wheelchair, with an arm and both legs in casts, and an IV drip. In his best fire and brimstone oratory he proclaimed, WELL, brothers, you KNOW that we don t sprinkle…WE DUNK! I went out and I FOUND me a bear. And then I began to read to him from God s HOOOOLY WORD! But that bear wanted nothing to do with me. I SAY NO! He wanted NOTHING to do with me. So I took HOOOLD of him and we began to rassle. We rassled down one hill, UP another and DOWN another until we come to a crick. So I quick DUNK him and BAPTIZE his hairy soul. An jus like you sez, he wuz gentle as a lamb. We spent the rest of the week in fellowship, feasting on God s HOOOOLY word .


They both look down at the rabbi, who was lying in a hospital bed. He was in a body cast and traction with IVs and monitors running in and out of him.


The rabbi looks up and says, Oy! You don t know what tough is until you try to circumcise one of those creatures!

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ENGAGE YOUR ALLIES: Grace & Compassion

TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Clearly when we abuse ourselves with self-flagellation, we are NOT accessing or coming from our Infinite Inner Power.  If you find yourself holding the whip and chains AGAIN, and worse still, they seem glued to your hands,  try repeating this affirmation as a mantra  “GRACE and COMPASSION flow through me now!” Say it again, and again, and again, and again, until you can feel your hands unclench, and your heart re-align with the Divine You!  Oh YES!  That feels better now doesn’t it?

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Powerful emotions tend to take us off center, and when we are off-center our Inner Power cannot be at it’s peak.  Practice returning to the PRESENT MOMENT frequently throughout the day.  It is one of the best ways to return to center — our Divine Being — where peace and unconditional love prevail.  Namaste.  [And thank you to my Yoga Teacher and Friend Catherine Cobeaga for the reminder.]

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So Christmas has passed and this week people traditionally do some sort of Year In Review process – examining what went right and what went differently than they had had hoped or expected.

As my end of year special gift to you,

I’d like to help you say BYE-BYE 2010

in the Infinite Inner Power way!

Are you ready to harness the powerful Universal energies that are present NOW to release all your negative energy from 2010?

As a result of the confluence of last week’s Winter Solstice, the full Lunar Eclipse, the Full Moon AND Mercury in Retrograde, the planets are aligned and configured in an extraordinary pattern that has not happened for over 300 years!  So let’s put ALL that extraordinary ENERGY to good use!

As my gift to you, on December 31st, as the sun sets here in Las Vegas, I will hold a Sacred Burning Bowl Ceremony to release YOUR 2010 and create space FOR YOU to reclaim ALL of your inner power that has leaked, lunged or was swept away despite your best intentions this year!

Here’s the plan to let go of the old and create the new:

1.            MAKE A LIST

Make a  list of EVERYTHING you want to let go of.  This will be stuff that didn’t go well for you this year :  a relationship that soured, debt that increased, the hurt feelings because someone said or didn’t say something that you interpreted in a painful way.  It could also be physical ailments or conditions.

It could also be getting rid of physical stuff like cleaning out a closet – in which case just DO IT and don’t put it on the list!  Even if you only have 30 minutes to clean out a kitchen drawer – DO IT, dump it and/or donate it!  Honestly that’s a GREAT start!  Physically cleaning out SOMETHING will shift the energy in your physical space and we are always looking to keep energy MOVING!

Now back to the list –

Here’s the top 3 things on my list of letting go:  (1) beating myself up about some financial decisions I made; (2) beating myself up because I gained weight this year; (3) beating myself up because my business hasn’t grown further. (Uh do we see a pattern here? Gulp!)

Don’t limit yourself to 3 things – write them all down – 20 or 200 – the more the better because this is an INCREDIBLE opportunity to reclaim your power for 2011.  The more you get rid of in the fear, guilt, pain, lack, loss department, the more room you are creating to receive love, light, joy, peace and prosperity!!

Now what to do with the list?


You had a part to be play in everything on that list.  Using my list as an example:  (1)  I take ownership of the financial decisions I made that I’m unhappy about.    I made the best choice I could at the time. In hindsight I have regret over it because I NOW recognize that in some cases I didn’t listen to my own intuition.  I created the situations which is a good thing because it also means I have the power to let it go and create differently!  (2) my weight gain – well I picked up the fork too many times and for the wrong reasons.  Acknowledging that gives me my power back, but continuing to beat myself up about – is no better than picking the fork up again and again.

You get the idea here right?  You have to cop that you had a hand in creating the challenges.  Even if it was something like an illness or an accident, there was something in your energetic vibration that made you susceptible to whatever happened.  You were creating a learning experience for yourself!  That’s the good news!  Now we want to learn what we need to and MOVE ON!!!!

(NOTE:  If you don’t see where you played a part in the situation you can do 2 things:  1) ignore it and choose to release it anyway or (2) send me an email (Steph [at] so I can help you.)

3.            GO THE DISTANCE

There is some added power  to the process if you go public with your list.  Going public gets it out of your head and more importantly, out of the hands of your ego.  At a minimum it’s good to cop to what you want to let go of or are feeling guilty about to a trusted friend, spouse or Spiritual Advisor – that’s where I come in!

Here are some suggestions:

1.            Share the list with someone you trust.  The other person simply listens and says “Thank you for sharing this with me. I honor and respect your willingness to release these burdens.”

2.            Post  your list here in the comments section (perhaps not the 200 but the top 20 would be cool!) I will support you as stated in #1.

3.            Send the list to me in a sealed envelope marked BYE BYE 2010!  I promise I will not look in the envelope if it is marked properly.   My mailing address is 2433 E. Tropicana Ave., #455, Las Vegas, NV 89121, U.S.A.

4.            Email the list to me at Steph [at]

4.            THE RELEASE

As my gift to you, on December 31st, as the sun sets here in Las Vegas, I will hold a Sacred Burning Bowl Ceremony for all of the lists I have received via email, snail mail or posted here on the blog (Nos. 2-4 above).  (If you choose to share your list with someone besides me or even just keep it to yourself – that’s cool too of course! Just follow the instructions to below to create your own sacred ceremony.)

The Burning Bowl Ceremony involves moving into a meditative state and placing each of your lists (and mine!) in an appropriate (safe) container (like my BBQ).  I will set them alight and as the smoke rises I will speak a prayer into the Universe to the effect that that the energy of your pains, fears and frustrations is transformed, reshaped and returned to you as Inner Strength, Inner Peace and Love for yourself and for humanity. I will remain in meditation until the all of your prayers have traveled by smoke into the heavens.

As the fire dies out I will send a final prayer of thanksgiving and claim your good in YOUR name for YOU!!

[NOTE: if you do your own ceremony you can choose your own words of course, and you can also choose to simply tear up your list, pour water on it, stomp on it, bury it, anything you want to symbolically let go of the energy.  Conclude your self-styled ceremony with some words of release – "I release and let this go and know that it is done."]

5.  NOW WHAT??

If making the list is easy for you GREAT!

If you are having difficulty with it – please email me:

(Steph [at] and I’ll help you get over the hang ups.

Over the next few days I will post some other helpful tips about releasing and also about setting your intentions to create a truly magnificent and powerful 2011 for you!

Helping you release the old is my gift to you!

You may also  book a session with me at my current PAY AS YOU CHOOSE pricing for the remainder of this year.  My pricing will be changing January 1st so this is a great opportunity for you to get a head start on those New Year’s intentions!

Once you choose the session you want HERE, you’ll receive an email with the link to book your appointment.  I’ll be giving VIP scheduling (within 24 hrs of receipt of payment whenever possible) this week to help you maximize your willingness to make powerful changes!

OK!  Let’s get those lists made and prepare to burn baby burn! Only YOU can make the choice to reclaim your Inner Power NOW!


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“At Peace: Does not mean to be in a place where there is no noise, trouble or work.

It means to be in the midst of all of those things and still be calm in your heart.”

Maintaining your sense of calm is important to remember at any time of year but especially now as the holidays are in full swing.

Even though I’m doing minimal shopping this year (I’ll be donating to the SCPCA to honor my friends and family),  I’m still busier than usual with all the holiday events, parties end-of-year business activities and I imagine you are to0.

You can stay calm even in the midst of seeming chaos if you MAKE THE CONSCIOUS CHOICE that maintaining your Inner Power is a top priority to you.

Frequently we go through our days making the CLOCK our priority — getting kids to and from school, keeping appointments, preparing meals. But if we make our Inner POWER our top priority, it helps us manage all those ACTIVITIES much more easily and gracefully.

My big tip for staying peaceful is to consciously remember to take deep breaths throughout the day. Yeah, I know that’s simple, but you can turn it into a habit.  As you get into or out of the car, stop for a second and just take a nice deep breath before setting off or arriving at your destination.

Notice too whether your shoulders are up around your forehead! We hold a lot of stress in our shoulders and necks and the simple act of consciously lowering your shoulders back to their normal position will bring you instant relief I promise!

You can also schedule a 15-minute laser-focus session with me to get a quick de-stress! You’d be amazed how much better you can feel even with a short session!

You always have the opportunity  (should you decide to take it!) to choose calm as a priority and enjoy the benefits of claiming YOUR Inner Power!

Rainbow blessings to you!

P.S.  Give yourself (or someone else you care about)  an extra boost of calm  and schedule your laser-focus calming session now!

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