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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Use logic when your emotions get out of whack!  If you believe in the Law of Attraction even a little bit, then you know that thinking a better feeling thought is far more likely to serve your Highest Good than a fearful one!  Do you want to listen to the voice that says “Yeah, right — like THAT’s ever gonna happen for you“  or do you use your infinite inner power to make the more logical choice “It’s my Father’s good pleasure to give me the Kingdom?”


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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP:  “I am consistently filled with the vibration of joy.  I am consistently feeling the vibration of joy.” Joy is the natural state of being of our Divine Spirit and expanding into these affirmations reminds your physical soul of the ever-present presence of Joy, in, around and through you.  And that, Dear Ones, is TRUE Infinite Inner Power!


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ENGAGE YOUR ALLIES: Grace & Compassion

TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Clearly when we abuse ourselves with self-flagellation, we are NOT accessing or coming from our Infinite Inner Power.  If you find yourself holding the whip and chains AGAIN, and worse still, they seem glued to your hands,  try repeating this affirmation as a mantra  “GRACE and COMPASSION flow through me now!” Say it again, and again, and again, and again, until you can feel your hands unclench, and your heart re-align with the Divine You!  Oh YES!  That feels better now doesn’t it?

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We humans are complex beings, with many moving parts – both literally and figuratively.  In order to experience the maximum amount of joy and peace while we are here, it behooves us to coordinate all those moving parts so they are working harmoniously towards our intentions rather than going off willy-nilly in their own directions all the time.

The parts we are happy about move with relative ease and grace on their own, because they are fueled and coordinated by the love and appreciation we give them.  But the parts that we don’t like, or worse yet, the ones we fail to even acknowledge . . . well . . . they can become like poorly behaved children, constantly throwing tantrums to get our attention, being destructive (i.e. addictive behaviors) or causing issues with our relationships, money, and health.

It takes a brave soul to be willing to look beyond the vision in the mirror to see not just what is pleasing to us, but also that which seems too scary, too wounded, too beyond redemption.  But that brave soul will be richly rewarded for her courage because to the degree we are willing to see and accept all of our parts, is also the degree to which we can receive and accept love, light and joy into our lives.

Unfortunately, while we hide from and/or try to protect our so-called “dark” sides or “shadow” selves, we also unwittingly shield them from all the good stuff too.  Whatever we’ve stuffed in the closet, hidden under the bed, or buried underneath too much food, drink, sex or whatever, does not have the opportunity to receive the blessings that we feel when someone loves us, when we see the exquisite beauty of a sunset, or the sheer joy of our household pet welcoming us home even though we were only gone five minutes.

It also takes an awful lot of energy to hide from and/or protect those unwanted parts!  It becomes a 24/7 job!  There is no respite!  There is no coffee break!  There is no vacation!  Every minute of every day, of every week, of every month, of every year a part of us stands silent guard watching and waiting to be sure the shadow doesn’t get out or the victim within is not hurt one more time.  It is EXHAUSTING!

And perhaps the most damaging consequence of not accepting our dark sides, is that they never have the opportunity to become light – to “grow up” in effect.  We become co-dependent “enablers”, adjusting to the wounds rather than seeking out the source of the infection and curing it from the inside out.

These darker parts of us DO powerfully affect our intentions and manifestations as well.  Despite our best efforts to keep them from doing so, energetically speaking the force and power of these hidden selves still exist and often show themselves in thwarted attempts to achieve success in our business, or our love life, or our diet/health.  While we may not be consciously aware, we are actually acting out  ”push-me/pull-you” and often never able to bring into physical form that which we most desire because of our internal power struggles and mixed messages.

Today you can begin to change that by making a simple decision.

Today, you can choose to be brave enough to look in the mirror – that is look all the way THROUGH the mirror.  This time though, arm yourself with the love of a battalion of angels by your side, (and/or by whatever Universal Dream Team you choose to call on).

Today, call on your Infinite Inner Power which stands at the ready for you — so you can look just a little deeper and see one part of you that you’ve resisted seeing for oh soo long.

Look at him/her/it through the eyes of your all-loving Divine Spirit.  Your Divine Spirit sees only perfection, even when your human eyes see otherwise.  Your Divine Spirit has no judgment – it does not have a language of disapproval, dislike, bad or wrong.  Shining the light of your Divine Spirit on that “dark” part of you will reveal its true beauty – as an integral piece of the Divine YOU!

You ARE whole, complete and perfect

in the eyes of an adoring Universe!

Today, give yourself the gift of seeing and believing that . . .if only for an instant!

It will be sooo worth it!

God bless you for your courage.


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