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Recently, I’ve been “called” to the irises and roses blossoming forth in my front garden!  They have been like a magnet actually!  From nowhere (in this lifetime!),  I am suddenly tending to them, pruning them, checking for aphids and providing extra fertilizer.  I’ve also been enjoying bringing them indoors to watch even more closely as each bud opens and delight in their fragrance and energy!

I’ve been absolutely in AWE this year of their magnificence!

A few days ago, I sat down to write my weekly newsletter article.  It wasn’t flowing very well so I paused and did a brief meditation.  It was supposed to be a “quiet mind” meditation — where you leave your mind to go blank . . . .which I did, until the image of one of these roses popped and kept going from bud to full bloom, like a time-lapse photography movie!

I distinctly received the message it was time to go write and I placed my fingers on the keyboard expecting to pop out my newsletter article.

“They” had a different idea apparently! :)

Here is their message:

We enjoy your enchantment and delight of our opening. We feel the spark of life within, urging us to begin our new journey this year after the long sleep of winter. We welcome the warmth of the sun. We absorb the earth energy of Spring as it transmits its message to us that it is time.

We love that you are now tending to us. We sense the presence of your energetic imprint when you admire us. We sense the tenderness with which you gaze at us and the care you take when cutting our stems. We recognize your appreciation – your valuing us and encouragement to continue our journey because the pruning and the cutting back and the mindfulness with which you tend us is noticed – and not just by us Child — but by Mother Nature herself. There is a palpable sense of admiration and awe when you gaze upon us or our sister flowers, and that is also felt as you commune with the moon and the dawn and the sunsets. There is a two way receivership that occurs – ahh – we sense you did not know that before and we are soooo very pleased to share that new information with you now.

Please tell your human friends that this is true for them as well. For those concerned about the earth and the nature beings, we want you all to know that we do respond to your joy, your awe, you delight, your amazement, your enjoyment. We receive those vibrations with expansiveness. If we were human, we would hold our heads a bit higher, we would shine a bit brighter, we would sparkle a bit longer!

Even when you have brought us inside from the garden, and you are so intently attuned to our unfolding – we connect with you in your unfolding, your Spirit and ours are not dissimilar in our DNA predisposition to continue our journeys of evolvement.

We thank you deeply and sincerely for your recognition and for transcribing this message so that others of your kind may be informed.

I really don’t have much else to say . . . .

except . . . .




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