8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message From The Angels

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From time to time I have the opportunity to share information with you about colleagues and teachers I respect, admire and/or have learned from and today is one of those times!  My friend Dyan Garris (VoiceOfTheAngels.com)  introduced me to the work of Linda West, an Angel Therapy Practitioner, personally certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue, a Theta Healer, and a Quantum Biofeedback Technician. She is also is the host of her own radio program, “Empowered Life with Linda West” on BlogTalk Radio.

And Linda is also a psychic medium, author, motivational speaker, holds a Masters Degree in Metaphysics and the author of the acclaimed book, “ 8 Keys: A Special Delivery Message from the Angels”

As a Special Event today, I have joined with some fellow angel messengers and spiritual teachers to offer you 23 special FREE bonus gifts worth hundreds of dollars when you order your book today!

As an Angel Channel, Linda receives messages from the angels and she wanted to share the following message with you today:

“The energy on the planet right now is about change, letting go of the old ways of surviving and reacting. It’s about moving your life from a place of fear and darkness to a place of light and love.

Over the past twenty years the veil between the seen and unseen has gotten thinner. Even if you aren’t aware of it, you already have angelic intervention in your life and most likely you have been asking for help. The angels are closer than ever. Help is here!”

Linda offers a blueprint to change your life, resolve life-long conflicts, remove negatives, attract positives, and achieve health, wealth, joy, and abundance. Discover these 8 Keys and have the power to transform your life!

  1. Believe…
  2. Trust….
  3. Detachment…
  4. Love…
  5. Humility…
  6. Forgiveness…
  7. Gratitude…
  8. Connection…

This book would make a great present to give yourself or someone else on your holiday list, and with the 23 bonus gifts being offered today, you may be able to cross several gifts off your list or enjoy them yourself well into the new year.

Go ahead now and check it out here !

P.S. As always, do ONLY what feels best to you and brings you joy! Thanks for taking the time to read this and check out Linda’s book!

P.P.S. If you DO choose to buy one or more copies of the book today, you’ll receive my 21 Days of Powerful Creation E-course (a $57 value!) as one of 23 bonuses available to you absolutely free!!

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BE THE LOVE – Even When Your Ex Remarries

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My ex remarried this past weekend.  I knew it was going to happen, we have had a cordial and amicable divorce and in fact, I helped my 23-yr old daughter prepare to attend the event.  So it wasn’t new news.  And, I had also arranged to spend Saturday evening with some of my sacred sisters, participating in a Native American Fire Releasing Ceremony – giving me the IDEAL opportunity to let the past go (again) and focus on my gratitude and intention for the future.

And that went very well.

And Sunday I woke up feeling quite bright and lighter and pleased with myself.

And then, late Sunday evening, while hanging out on Facebook, I noticed a new item in my NewsFeed.  My ex had changed his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “MARRIED.” And despite ALL the work I’ve done processing the divorce since we first decided to split in January 2009, seeing that silly status change hit me like a ton of bricks.

This morning, I woke up still thinking about it.  As I went for my morning swim I asked my Guides and Angels to help me see this all differently.  I did NOT want to play “the victim” – because I am NOT a victim.  I know I co-created everything that led up to our decision to split.  I did NOT want to play the martyr either.  While some of the circumstances of our breakup could be woven into a martyr scenario – again, I cannot be a martyr if I take responsibility for co-creating the situation and circumstances.

So during my swim, I did a lot of HoOPonoPono (a Hawaiian forgiveness process) that I chanted while I swam.  I felt a little better afterwards but still not as peaceful as I would ideally like.

When I got home, I checked my emails. I subscribe to many inspirational messages and one of my favorite is from Dyan Garris, Voice of the Angels. Believing in Divine Synchronicities as I do, I was not surprised to find the message below in my Inbox this morning.

Daily Channeled Message

A challenge for today – for any day, really – is to be the love. Examine where you give your power away and for what reasons. When you find yourself engaging in whatever that you don’t want to be engaging in, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and pull yourself back into the love. No matter who or what is pushing the button, try to realize that you don’t have to open the door, nor do you have to sit there and allow button pushing unless you really want to. It’s a choice for both the pusher and the pushee. Realize that you are simply living whatever it is you’ve created. That’s all. It’s very simple. Taking responsibility for perhaps inviting someone to push the button is a huge step forward. Knowing that people and things happen for a reason, and that reason is to teach you something about love, can be a very valuable piece of information. So instead of allowing someone or something to push you today, pull back into center instead. Cozy and safe, and maybe you can’t even hear the button being pushed from in there.

Pretty perfect eh?

I was asking to stay focused on the fact I ALWAYS have a choice how I FEEL.  It is always my choice to change my perception.  It is always my choice to hold onto my power or to give it away.

Dyan reminded me about BEING THE LOVE.  I choose that as part of my mission and purpose for being here on the planet at this time.  I am a Lightworker.  I bring light and love where there is darkness.  That’s my job.  And I LOVE IT!

Today I have the power and capacity and ability and DESIRE to choose LOVE.  Love for myself AND for my ex and his new wife.  Love sees only Love.  Better still, Love FEELS only Love.  And loving myself feels a whole lot better than being a victim, or a martyr, or feeling abandoned.  Today I love myself enough – to love myself!  I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.  And when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t consciously feeling “the love” – for myself or for my ex!

But now I do.  Now I remember that I can choose how I feel and I can always choose to return to LOVE.  And so can you!  Regardless of the situation – we can always choose to change our thoughts, change our beliefs, change our perspectives and return to our Sacred Heart!

Man!  That’s GREAT news isn’t it?

May you feel the joy of being the love that you are today and every day.

And so it is. : )

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