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Are you treating yourself like royalty?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have heard and/or seen plenty of photos and video of the Royal Wedding. I joyfully admit to getting up at 1am here on the West Coast to take in the spectacle of it all!  I also admit that I reset the alarm for 2am and caught the extra hour of rest when I realized that the first hour was gonna be BOORRRRIIINNNNGGGG – at least to me!  But at 2amPT when the real festivities began I was glued to the set, albeit curled up on my pillows with the Lovely Lola Rainbow snoring blissfully beside me!

Perhaps because I lived just outside of London from 1996 to 2004, and was married to an Englishman for 14 years – the event had a little bit of an increased significance to me.  I’ve been to Westminster Abbey and I actually had the privilege of touring inside Buckingham Palace in 1996 when it was briefly opened to special tours to raise funds for the reparation of Windsor Castle (the Queen’s ancestral home just outside London) after a devastating fire there.  In fact, I’ve even been to Easter Services at the Chapel at Windsor Castle and saw the Queen, Prince Charles and some of the royal family as they made a special point to greet the crowd upon exiting the service!  What fun!!!

And because I am currently a single woman, creating and intending for my next husband-wedding-marriage, I was all the more drawn into the entire ceremony along with the traditional pomp and circumstance!  What woman doesn’t want to picture herself as a princess on her wedding day marrying the handsome prince?  : )

This morning, as I was sitting in the warm sun, with a gentle breeze, drinking my favorite blend of coffee, I was replaying some of the festivities in my head – well, to be more accurate, in my heart.  Energetically, I had a very strong connection to the events.  I felt the joy, the love, the tradition, the sense of value and loyalty amongst the family and friends, but also amongst the thousands who thronged the route and celebrated the joyous occasion alongside the participants.

And it made me think about how I could incorporate some of those feelings into MY life – and how that could benefit all of us!

So let me ask you a question that may seem a bit harsh on first reading.  Do you treat yourself like a commoner? Of course I am NOT a proponent of the idea of “classes” of people – I believe we are all one, connected to one Universal mind, and all equal in the eyes of a loving God – but stick with me here on the analogy for a minute OK?

Another tidbit I caught that Friday was former royal  Chef Darren McGrady on Oprah’s show about the wedding. Chef McGrady is the person who created the recipe for the chocolate biscuit cake that Prince William chose for the wedding.  The Chef told a brief story about what happens when the Queen would request ice cream for the young Prince when he used to visit her after school for tea.  The procedure is the Queen rings for a Page and requests the ice cream, the Page calls down to the kitchen, the kitchen calls the staff who maintains the crystal to bring a dish, the staff who maintain the linens are contacted to bring a napkin, the staff who maintain the silver bring the silver serving tray,  AND THEN the pastry staff finally scoops the ice cream to be delivered up to the Queen and her guests!!!

WOW!!!  That’s a lot of hands in the proverbial ice cream isn’t it ???  LOL!

But what really got me thinking about that story was how we treat ourselves more so in our minds, but also in our physical surroundings. Do you feel DESERVING of using the “good” dishes to serve yourself?  Are you your own loyal servant – in the best sense of that term – meaning – do you RESPECT yourself to look after yourself and your loved ones with care and a sense of honor and duty?  Duty in the sense of a a treasured responsibility – a privilege to serve yourself and your loved ones – not as an “obligation”?

It’s been my experience that most of us, as a general rule, do not recognize ourselves as the Divine Beings that we truly are. Divine as in a special gift to the planet – and in that sense – like royalty – holding a unique and extraordinary place in society.  I believe each of us is “royal” in that sense don’t you?

You are exceptional, inimitable, distinctive, irreplaceable and rare!  Your contributions , gifts and talents are matchless!!! There is no one like you on this planet, or even in this Universe!!!!

THAT is how we “should” treat ourselves!  Yes I used the “S” word – but in this case I think it’s appropriate!

If we think of ourselves in terms of our distinctiveness and our uniqueness, we will have the self-talk and actions that go along with that won’t we? When we BELIEVE those qualities about ourselves then we begin to treat ourselves in a “royal” manner yes?  Not like a proverbial commoner!

Be MINDFUL your thoughts and your actions for the next 24 hours! See where you treat yourself like a Prince or Princess or where you fall short.  Listen to the mind chatter!  If it’s treating you like Cinderella’s wicked step-mother then SNAP OUT OF IT!  Remember who you REALLY TRULY are!!!!

Live YOUR life with all of the ESSENCE of the pomp and circumstance of the royal family!

Because you ARE exceptional, inimitable, distinctive and irreplaceable!

How wonderful will our world be when we ALL believe and practice that?   Let’s start now!!!

Here’s a toast to you and your Majesty!!!


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