SO LONG 2010! WELCOME 2011!

Rainbow New Year’s Blessings to you!

May this be your greatest year ever!

As part of my New Year preparations each year, I frequently do a ritual called The Burning Bowl Ceremony.  This year, (or should I say LAST year – 2010) I invited my virtual family, friends and clients to participate in the ceremony by sending me their lists of everything they wanted to leave behind in 2010.

The invitation and the details about the Burning Bowl Ceremony was posted HERE.

When I invited everyone to participate, I had not intended on filming the ceremony, but as I began to prepare on New Year’s Eve, Spirit kept nudging at me — a bit like my Lovely Lola (my chihuahua) does when she wants attention!  It became clear that “They” wanted it on video — so . . .

Here is the result!

I’m truly honored and grateful to all those who sent in their releasing lists! It was deeply fulfilling for me to conclude 2010 – living my life purpose:  to be of service to YOU!

It is never too late to begin anew — so if you feel a Divine Nudge after watching the video or reading the BYE BYE 2010 post, go ahead and conduct your own version of the ceremony!!

And if you need any help — just email me!

Make this your most magnificent year ever!  Only YOU have the power!

Rainbow Blessings!

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  • lucy

    thank you so much stephanie, i really enjoyed this, i know with all my heart this year will be a great year.

    may the grace of god reward your tenfold for your kindness


  • Sue

    Stephanie, that was beautiful. Thank you for all that you are and all that you do. Much love. Sue XX

  • Stephanie Rainbow

    Lucy –

    You are so welcome and thank you for your blessing! :) It means soo much to me!!!

  • Stephanie Rainbow

    Sue –

    Thank YOU so much for taking the time (as you frequently do) to let me know that my “work” is meaningful to you! You are a great support to me and a lovely way to stay connected to the good I experienced while living on your side of the pond! :)

    Rainbow blessings and big hugs!