Recently, in meditation, I asked “What is most useful for me to know now?”

The response I heard from my Divine Dream Team (who I respectfully refer to as The Council of The Rainbow Light) was VERY clear: ” RELAX, RELEASE, RECEIVE!”

When we’re all clenched up with tension, stress, emotion, and efforting our energy cannot flow freely enough to receive joy, peace, prosperity. It’s like being stuck on the freeway at rush hour or after a bad accident.  You’ll get where you are going eventually, but you’re gonna be stuck for a while until things begin to flow properly again.

However, the good thing about our energy flow is that we have quite a bit of conscious control over it.  We can always CHOOSE a more peaceful thought.  We can always CHOOSE a more peaceful perspective.  Even in the traffic example, for instance, you can choose to bitch and moan about being stuck, or you can use it as an opportunity to send prayers and blessings to every person in every car on that highway.  You can be sure that the latter is going to make your journey a lot more pleasant than the former!

Frequently we get so caught up in our daily physical lives that we don’t realize we are “over-cooked”.  We just keep going and going like the proverbial Energizer Bunny ™ until we find ourselves run down and completely out of “juice.”  That’s not an ideal state for us on ANY level – physical, emotional or spiritual.

When we are depleted on ANY level of our being, it begins a ripple effect to all of the other levels.  In the 12-step programs they have an acronym called H.A.L.T.  It stands for never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely or Tired, because, those are the most common feelings that lead to dysfunctional behaviors.

Clearly you could also add a few words to that list like Anxious, Fearful, Stressed, Worried and Busy!  All of those words ALSO have a tendency to open us to the ego’s perspective – which usually promotes its position that you are “not good enough,” rather than your Higher Self perspective which is ALWAYS that All Is Well and that You are Whole, complete and perfect just as you are.

The point here is that if we really want to allow joy, peace and prosperity into our lives – then we have to make room for it – and we can’t make room for it we are over-busy, over-anxious, over-hungry, etc. Our human bodies just don’t work that way!

You can choose to develop a habit of checking in with yourself.  Stop for a minute during the day and ask yourself “what do I need right now to feel peace?”  Make it a priority to just take a deep breath and exhale all the stress several times a day.  Or picture the Cosmic Wet Vac sucking up all the fear.  Or mentally or literally go take a shower– and picture all the busy-ness going down the drain with the water.  Any of those practices will give you a chance to allow the energy to flow freely and restore your peace and joy which are pretty much pre-requisites to prosperity!

Go ahead . . . . do it now  . . . . even if you think you don’t need it!  You sooo deserve it and will undoubtedly feel better for it!

Ahhhhhh . . .  feel better right?



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  • Perenna Fleming

    another rainbow-brite piece. Thank you Steph, brilliant reminder of how important it is to relax, release and receive. This was particularly valuable for me today. I am enjoying your blogs about whatever is coming through to you – keep them coming!

  • Stephanie Rainbow

    Perenna —

    Always makes me happy to know the message has “hit home” for someone! Thanks so much for your kind words and my intention is firmly set to keep them coming as Spirit directs! :) Blessings to you!

  • Suzie Cheel

    I love this YES RRR thank you it reminds me to allow more. Thanks council of the rainbow light