LATEST DINNER TREAT (from the mouths of babes)

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A young son came upstairs to his mom’s office while she was working and said, “I want a case of diarrhea!”

Mom said, “Heavens, child, why?”

Son replies: “Isn’t that what you’re making for dinner?”

Mom (laughing hysterically):   “No, honey, I said I was going to make you guys quesadillas.

(NOTE:  This is a true conversation my friend Erin Pavlina had with her son!)

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  • Jan Tallent

    oh, no, how funny! Kids SO say (and hear!) the darndest things, lol

  • Stephanie Rainbow

    Thanks Jan! I thought it was hilarious too! Glad Erin gave me permission to use it! :) Rainbow Blessings to you my friend!