angel cooks helperDear One

This new moon energy is quite a mixed bag of feelings and sensations for you.  We feel your excitement and happy anticipation of new blessings as they expand in the ethers on their way to your physical manifestation.  Yet we also feel the energy of past wounds and longing for change.

And we want you to know that it is ALL good Dear One.  Every bit of it!  What we clap our hands in glee about watching you, is your willingness to HAVE the experiences!  Especially of late we notice how you are purposefully stepping out into new venues, new activities and all for the most part with hopeful anticipation of discovering something wonderful.

This is a lovely path to be on Dearest because it holds the vibration of the future while still acknowledging the gifts of the present.  It says “I am here right now and this is an OK place to be AND I am also ready to receive new, exciting and interesting gifts and treasures.”  You can feel the energy of that bubbling and simmering in a big pot with orgasmic aromas emanating from the pot – just like when you are cooking some magnificent creation on your stove.  You know that it takes time for all the flavors to meld together and create a dish that is greater than the sum of its individual ingredients . . . that you stir in love, and joy and excitement about how delicious it will be not just to taste yourself, but to share with others that you love.

That my dear earth angel is what your vortex looks and feels and smells like from our perspective right now.  It is soo full of goodness and yumminess and sweetness and light.  It’s simmering and carmelizing and infusing with love and light, just waiting for that EXACT moment when it is PERFECT and everything is divinely aligned, ready to be served up to you!  We assure you that it is very close to that moment right now.

And we suggest to you Dear One that you continue to stir the pot ever so gently from time to time.  Take the lid off and breathe in the heady aromas of your heart’s desires about to manifest, know with every fibre of your being how much you will enjoy the perfect outcome – the great joy, the great gratitude, the great pleasure in the sharing of your bounty.

It is SOOO perfect Dear One.  And All is SOOO very well!

We are so excited for you!

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