TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP:  If your energy or mood is feeling a bit sluggish, slow or congested — take a 3 minute HEART BATH.  Just step away from whatever you are doing — literally move a few steps or into a different room.  You can sit or stand or even lay down — whatever feels most comfy — most nurturing — most supportive.  Now, close your eyes and picture a giant heart shaped jacuzzi bath tub, filled with bubbles and your favorite scent.  Step in . . . the water is THE perfect temperature . . . it is the temperature of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE . . . the energy is soaked up into every cell . . . in the exact amounts that every part of you needs in this moment to feel your absolute, most perfectly aligned, most confident, safe, secure and JOYOUS you!

Just relax for another minute into this bath of 100% pure, unconditional heart love.

And when you are ready, and you feel full, content, confident and have a contented smile on your face, open your eyes.  Take a deep breath.  Take another one . . . . wiggle your hands and toes.

And step into the  infinite possibilities for joy, peace, power and prosperity in your life!


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  • http://spiritdirection.com Donna Thomson

    Now where do I get one of those heart shaped baths?? :) This has reminded me that I’ve been meaning to have a bath with salt for cleansing too! xx

  • Dominee Wyrick

    Oh my goodness, I love the idea of this!

  • Goddess Lali

    How lovely that sounds! But can I please just have the actual heart shaped tub in the photo? Just for a day? I could definitely spend the long dreary Seattle rainy season soaking up love, warmth and comfort! Thank you for such a wonderful thought!

  • Anonymous

    I KNOW! Isn’t that a great tub! But the cool thing is — as you know — you can take my version of a Heart Bath — ANY time, ANY where and don’t even need a towel!!! :) Thanks for commenting! Rainbow Blessings to you!

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much Dominee! :) Rainbow Blessings to you!

  • Anonymous

    LOL! Yup! It would be really cool to have one of those! However, you already DO because our physical brains do not know the difference between what we IMAGINE and what is “REAL”! So soak and enjoy whenever you want! And yes — cleansing/healing baths and showers with specific clearing intentions in the physical are pretty cool too!

    Rainbow Blessings!

  • http://birdsearthyspirit.blogspot.com/ Bird

    What a beautiful idea. I love its simplicity and its wholeness. thank you for sharing such a great idea.
    Brightest Blessings

  • Anonymous

    Thank you so much! :) Rainbow Blessings to you!

  • http://www.myspirithealer.com/ Myspirithealer

    What a perfect pick me up! Much more inviting than a shower of white light…warmer and heartier! ;)

    Thanks for the brilliant idea!

  • Vanessa King

    Lovely imagery! That’s a great way to recharge the batteries :-)

  • nalini prabha

    very nice!! imagination is wonder.

  • Sierra

    Really loved this visualization! Thank you so much!