My conversation with Stephanie was both thought-provoking and informative. She pin-pointed a few things about me and my past that would have been difficult to guess. Her answers were forthright, and remarkably fast. But, she was always willing and able to provide clarification if I needed it. The guidance she provided was not generic; it seemed to have special application to me and my current situation. I recommend contacting Stephanie for answers to important life questions. She can help!

~ R. Cooley

I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the reading you just did for me! It was wonderful to receive such clarity on the issues that I raised. I totally love and respect the connection you have with Spirit and the way you communicate their message. Your interpretation of their messages for me has definitely given me plenty of food for thought, as they say. I would definitely recommend anybody to have a reading from you. Feel free to publish this anywhere you want! Much love, light and abundance to you.

~ Sue Dent, Cornwall, UK

Stephanie has an uncanny ability to intuit exactly what is going on with me.  Not only is she a lovely spirit, she is also a funny  spirit, as well as being very spiritual. This combination leads to an unusually gifted skill set! I find myself laughing and sometimes crying, but she is always right on the mark. I highly recommend her services to anyone!

~ Perenna Fleming, www.UpgradeYourLifeNow.com

“If you are looking for down-to-earth, soulful insights into whatever area of life is meaningful to you, then Stephanie is the channel for you! I thoroughly enjoyed my session – it was fun, lighthearted, and full of depth, sparking exciting breakthroughs and energetic shifts on my path to wholeness. Thank you so much Stephanie!”

~ Ellen Ross, Silver Springs, MD
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