Dear One –

You and many others – including many of your friends – are experiencing a big shift energetically. This shift is bringing things up into your conscious awareness that will be of great benefit to the individual and in turn to humanity as it is shared thru the healing and teaches of you and your colleagues.

The light vibration of your circle – and others – is very high and much needed. We encourage each of you individually and collectively to continue to engage in activities and inventions that bring you much joy. The vibration of joy carries with it bio particles of Light that are like tiny powerful explosions – infusions of love, peace, joy and hope – that will shower out upon all of those that each of you come in contact with and ripple out further as those people then connect with their families, friends and loved ones. This collective energy is very powerful. Each of you carry a component that when gathered together, synergistically expands exponentially.

As an individual – continue to focus on the expansion of your intentions – noticing where your actions are out of alignment with specific intentions and setting the intention to bring all of your actions into alignment with manifesting your highest love, light, prosperity and joy.

This is, indeed, a unique and special time for all of you who are open to its wisdom and willing to implement the actions that will spring forth from your inspirations. Do not miss this boat Dear Ones!


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