Maybe you do and maybe you don’t but I do and I’m finally coming clean about some things that have been going on in my life for over two years now. I’ve written to the wonderful subscribers on my mailing list, and I even posted a Facebook note about part of it, but now I feel it is important to get it all completely in the open and my website/blog is about as open as it gets for me.

There’s several reasons why I think it’s important for me and you to “come clean.” One of the biggies is that secrets only end up hurting us. We can never hide from ourselves – try as we might.

No amount of drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping, food or whatever will ever entirely obliterate the poisonous voices inside that are all too pleased to tell us what worthless piles of you-know-what we are.

I want to line back up with my divinity. And since I’m always talking and writing and coaching about being your authentic self – I gotta finally own up to this stuff in MY OWN mind and maybe my doing that will help you own up to something in YOUR mind that’s been festering and poisoning YOU!

On the scale of dirty little secrets, it’s not a big deal (like Watergate or something)  but on MY PERSONAL scale it’s probably around an 8 and it’s been making me feel “less than” for far too long.

It’s only fair to warn you this post is long. In fact it’s very long. I tried to cut it up into a series of posts, but there just didn’t seem to be any good breaking points. So, I’m gonna take the position that if you are meant to read it in its entirety – you will – and if you aren’t – you won’t! I do feel there is some extremely useful lessons in here though and assure you I would not have posted it if it was only to be self-indulgent. I do hope you will read on and hopefully find the information useful and applicable to you.

Here it is –  my dirty little secret:

While keeping up the facade to the outside world that I’m a successful business owner, I’ve actually been partially paralyzed with shame believing that I’ve been a complete failure in my business as a business.

There! I said it out loud! And I’m publishing it! And that is a HUGE step in healing for me!

For the whole story to make sense to you though, I need to jump back to February 2008 when I quit my 30 yr career as a Legal Secretary. I had a dream and I believed in the Law of Attraction. I believed that I could do what I loved – which is being of Divinely Inspired service to you and helping you be less fearful, feel more safe and create and allow more love, light, joy and prosperity into their lives – and, in so doing, the money (to pay my bills) would follow.

I thought I could do it my way, the Law of Attraction way, straight up –  with an open heart, with cock-eyed optimism and a Pollyana attitude. I WANTED to believe. It felt right in my very soul. And so I proceeded. I set up a website and waited for people to come. And waited. And waited.

Then I began reading and learning about the “right” way to market an online business according to [well-meaning and financially successful] internet marketers. Almost immediately, without even consciously realizing it – I fell down the proverbial rabbit hole into the land I’ll call “U R WORTHLESS.”

It is not a happy land.

It is not a land of freedom.

It is not a land of hope.

It is not a land of joy.

And it CERTAINLY is not a land of “business success”.

It was, however, a land made out of quicksand. The more I “tried” to get myself out – the deeper I sunk. What was really weird and in a way doubly hard for me, was that from a personal development/spiritual growth perspective – I could actually take a helicopter ride from time to time and look down and observe myself struggling – but yet found myself completely powerless to extricate myself from the quicksand.

However, at the same time, it has been a journey of TREMENDOUS personal growth which included ending my 14 yr marriage, selling a house (in the beginning of the real estate crash), buying my new house, renovating it into a home, the death of my Dad (and subsequent fallout from my text-book dysfunctional step-family), my sister’s breast cancer and challenges with my 23 yr old daughter.

Throughout all of that, and to a certain degree understandably so, my business remained in the proverbial dumpster. I had little or no energy for the majority of 2009 to do anything business-wise and so I didn’t. Which is perfectly OK all things considered, especially in hindsight.

But what wasn’t OK – is that despite all of my best efforts, I was unable to FEEL or BELIEVE that it WAS OK — so that all the while I was dealing with all that “personal growth” I was making myself WRONG, WRONG, WRONG for feeling crappy, crappy, crappy and scared out of my wits!

And here’s where I was really out of alignment because during that same period of time, I was teaching and coaching my clients and friends to be loving and kind to themselves! I kinda knew I was out of alignment – but as I stated before – it was like quicksand and I just couldn’t extricate myself for more than a few hours or a few days at a time, if I was lucky!

In September 2009 I decided to take a new approach business-wise and see about developing a local coaching practice rather than doing business via the internet. Here’s another part of my dirty little secret that I never wanted to admit: The truth about that decision is that I was too afraid to try the internet approach again because I was filled with angst at what I judged was my “failure.”

Good for me however, I arranged to have an office with a local holistic wellness spa (highly recommend Angel Blessings Wellness Spa if you are in Vegas!) while providing administrative support to the spa.

From a personal growth perspective, in hindsight again, that was an excellent decision.  I began my way up and out of the Land of Less Than and rediscovered some self-confidence not only in my abilities to BE a full-time intuitive spiritual life coach and teacher, but I also rediscovered the exquisite joy of helping and being of service to those who wanted and needed guidance, focus and direction and support! But,  it did NOT fill my appointment book with bushels of paying clients – which was part of MY definition of business “success.” And so again and still, I labeled myself  a “failure” at business and continued to carry the shame.

Despite my feelings of failure however, in the Spring of this year (2010), I received a GYNORMOUS validation and confirmation from the Universe, delivered by the mailman one afternoon. I opened an enveloped addressed to me and had one of the happiest but most shocking experiences in my life! The envelope contained a lovely note and a HUGE financial windfall from a completely unexpected and highly unlikely source!

My interpretation of the divine message was LOUD and CLEAR and unmistakable: that my beliefs in forgiveness and unconditional love and in LIVING from my sacred heart place (despite the quote unquote “evidence” to the contrary of my “business failures”) – were SPOT ON and here I manifested sufficient financial resources to continue my journey for a while longer – both personally AND professionally.  (I do have to say that I had done quite a bit of spiritual manifestion processes about creating money prior to this event!)

And yet, for another several months, I was still unable to make any significant business progress. I concluded my term with the spa which was the right decision at the right time for me but though I kept saying I wanted to get my new website up and running and take another shot at helping people via the internet – I was not taking the ACTIONS necessary to make that happen. I was deeply ashamed, but I didn’t want to admit that to myself, or to anyone else for that matter.

Finally, near the end of October (2010), I was guided to create a 21 Day Business Action Plan with two express intentions. The first was to physically get my new website UP, running and ANNOUNCED to the world, because frankly, I was sick and tired of making excuses to myself and feeling bad about my lack of action.

The second intention was:

“. . . to bring new energy into my business appearing as clear, precise indicators and signs of the next steps for me to take. I choose to be of service in ways that are joyful to me and beneficial to others. I want to do this work for the love of the work and I am now open to receiving money for joyfully doing work I love. As a conscious, specific, focused practice for the next 21 days, I set my intention for my sacred heart to guide me and lead me and stay fully present with me.”

I’m EXTREMELY proud to report that I kept my commitment to myself and completed the action steps! And immediately I began receiving the clear signs of my next business steps just as I intended! This article is evidence of that!

Another part of my dirty little secret however is this: I hate marketing and promoting myself the way the “experts” and “gurus” suggest! It’s taken me the better part of these past two years to figure out that I just CANNOT do it the way “they” suggest. More importantly, it’s taken me all of this time to make that decision AND give myself permission to let that be OK WITH ME!

I kept believing there was something wrong with me that I could not do a lot of the actions suggestioned by the marketing gurus. I tried changing my perspective, clearing limiting beliefs, energy healing, prayer, meditation and everything but standing on my head! But I could not fit my square peg into their round hole!

Do you know that feeling?

I finally became consciously aware of a life-pattern I have of making myself wrong when I don’t fit into someone’s prescribed way of doing things. It “should” have been blatantly obvious given all the spiritual work I’ve done on my childhood, past lives, etc. not to mention all the years of therapy! LOL!

But here’s another valuable lesson for you!

We can’t “get it” until we “get it!” And that’s EXACTLY as it is meant to be. We learn in our own ways and in our own DIVINE RIGHT TIMING! Despite our egos telling us to the contrary that we “should” have learned it faster, better, weller, sooner!

So my secret is out now.

I have tried to keep up a façade of a financially successful business owner and the truth is I am not currently financially successful in my business.


And yet again, maybe I never will be.

Either way is actually OK with me. Truly!

Because I just know, without a shadow of a doubt, that I just need to keep on keeping on being true to myself! Doing what I believe is the best thing for me at any given moment. Doing what is the MOST LOVING THING for me in the given moment. And a lot of that time – that is NOT going to line up with what the “gurus” may have to say.

But I’m finally at peace with all that. And that’s a BIG LESSON for all of us!

We cannot be at peace with ourselves unless we are fully aligned with what is in OUR OWN hearts. Forcing ourselves to align with someone else’s vision is NEVER going to bring us peace. And when we are not at peace, we cannot manifest money, clients, relationships or much of anything else.

So I WAS aligned with being at peace with myself and that is why I DID manifest the financial resources to keep me going!

But I haven’t been at peace with how to” market” my business until now.

Now, I’ve come up with my own standards and my own “rules” – according to guru Stephanie Rainbow and her Master Teachers aka The Universe/God/Divine Spirit. (If you want to read about what those new rules are . . . here’s THAT blog post )

So here’s the bottom line to help you

1.   Don’t keep secrets – especially from yourself. Cop to them as soon as you become consciously aware. You just can’t hide forever and besides – why do you really want to? It’s all a game the ego plays in its effort to keep us safe. But our Higher Selves knows better because it doesn’t care about being safe – because it doesn’t have a language of fear attached to it!

2.  Don’t try to fit a square peg into a round hole. It’s fair enough to stretch a little to see whether you can change your beliefs, or see things from a different perspective – but know when to say “enough is enough” . . . .if you have to twist yourself into a pretzel to make it fit – then it’s not for you – whatever “it” is. Listen to and TRUST your Divine Guidance. It may not make sense to the rest of the world, but it doesn’t have to!

3.  DO follow your heart. Despite what the gurus say, the media says, your parents say/said etc. You and your God are the ultimate authorities in your life! Period! Stay aligned with that and everything will fall into place with grace and ease.

If YOU are ready to be free and  have a “dirty little secret” that you are ready to release publicly — please help yourself and probably someone else also (who has the same or similar secret) by putting it in the comments section below.  Or, if you prefer, I invite you to email me private at Steph @

Thanks for helping me on my journey by reading this and it is my sincere desire that in some way, I have helped you on yours!


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In a recent email newsletter to my subscribers, I told them in order to be more completely aligned with my mission to serve others, that I was revamping my business, especially in the areas of marketing and pricing.

Today, I want all of my readers to have the same information too! What follows  is an excerpt from my POSITIVE VIBES newsletter and some further explanation and information so everyone is on the same page and has the same NEW opportunities!

*  *  *  *  *

INSTEAD of listening to marketing gurus that primarily teach (at the end of the day) how to persuade you into buying my services and products, I am returning to my original “stars-in-my-eyes” intention when I began this path nearly 3 years, to FULLY and COMPLETELY (as humanly possible) trust my heart and my intuition (aka Divine Guidance) and follow the principles of the Law of Attraction,

I don’t feel good “persuading” you.  I believe in the principle of “attraction rather than promotion.”  In other words, I freely put out what I’m about, how I can help you, give you some inspiration, encouragement, help you learn and grow, and then, if you are interested, you exercise your FREE WILL and contact me because you want 1:1 help with YOUR specific, personal issues.

I’m also not about guilt trips and limited time offers for the sake of them.  I’ll put out offers from time to time as my Divine Spirit guides me to — and sometimes — they may only be valid for a short time — while that specific energy is present.  But I just can’t tell you you have to “buy now” or the offer will be ripped away from you and “gone forever.”

I also don’t want to clutter your Inbox several times a week which seems to be common practice these days.  I’ll be publishing inspirational articles, learning tools, and A-HA moments regularly on my website and you have the opportunity to subscribe to those articles either through the RSS Feed or by email so those posts will automatically shoot into your Inbox.

Alternatively, you may choose (which I certainly hope you will! ) to check in regularly (here) on my website and see what’s there that may be useful to you.  It’s a great place to stop in when you are having a fearful, anxious, or stressful moment — almost any of the articles will help lift your vibration and of course the Friday Funnies will always give you a giggle!

*  *  *  *  *

As mentioned above,  I’ve also completed overhauled my pricing and services.  I just can’t see charging you exorbitantly high prices.  I’ts not that I don’t believe I’m worth 4 figures per hour, but I’m just not that kind of girl!  I don’t buy designer brands when I can find something I like just as much that doesn’t have a designer label and therefore costs substantially less.  I like staying in 5 star hotels, but I like it even better when I’m using a special offer, or found a “deal” . . .

So I just can’t justify charging what I perceive as inflated prices even though I know the benefit and transformation you may receive from our sessions may well be priceless!

I therefore invite you to check out  my ALL NEW Services Page which I created to make coaching available to EVERYONE who is ready and willing, whether or not your bank account says your able.

As always, if you have any questions or comments — please leave them below or email me at Steph @ !

I soooo love hearing from you and thank you to all of you who have already taken the time to give me your feedback and sooo much encouragement! :)

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“You are only resentful to the extent you have given away your personal power.”

- Katherine Woodward Thomas

I have been reading (AND doing the exercises in) Katherine Woodward Thomas’ book, Calling In The One” and came across her powerful quote this morning.  It hit me like a ton of bricks because I have been doing a lot of forgiveness work regarding my former marriage – especially since my ex remarried a couple of weeks ago.

His marriage wasn’t a surprise to me – I had been told about it and frankly had expected it.  But when I actually saw the Facebook status change in my newsfeed – well – I was quite surprised at how deeply it hit me.

I’ve taught a lot about forgiveness over the years, and written a lot about it also.  Of course that’s because I’ve also had too-many-to-mention opportunities to practice forgiveness over the years.  And being in my mid-50s now, well that’s been quite a few years already!  (This is one of the great advantages I’m finding during this period of my life – the wisdom that comes from having been around the block a few times already! : )

I spent a good number of years learning how to forgive my parents initially.  One of the most helpful things  I was taught was to recognize and accept that my parents did the best they could with the tools they had.  The truth is – we ALL do the best we can with the tools we have at the time.  And if we have limited tools . . . well . . . sometimes there are consequences that we have to deal with that are part of our life  lessons.

Another forgiveness tool I’ve had great success with is Ho’OPonoPono – a Hawaiian technique brought to the public eye via Joe Vitale’s discovery of  Dr. Hu Lin.  Dr. Lin cured an entire ward of a prison mental hospital using the Ho O Pono Pono process.  Dr. Lin believed that he was responsible for everything and everyone that was around him through the thoughts he created and therefore if he could change his thought process, he could also change the lives and circumstances around him.

So Dr. Lin spent each day in his office with one of the inmates files.  Over and over again, he simply repeated the four phrases:

I am sorry.

I love you.

Please forgive me.

Thank You.

One by one the inmates were cured and eventually they shut down the ward because not only were the current patients cured, but no NEW patients arrived to fill up the beds!

But until today, when I read Katherine’s comment “You are only resentful to the extent you have given away your personal power” I had not consciously realized that I was actually giving away my power by holding on to some resentment about (and therefore not being able to completely forgive)  the dissolution of my marriage.  I was in conflict with one of my own primary beliefs — that I am 100,000% in charge of my life and everything that manifests in it.

And that includes everything about my relationship with my ex.  I was NOT a victim, though I have played the part more than I care to admit.  I was NOT a martyr either, though I played that role also for a time.  And while I was playing those roles – I was giving away my power!  My power to create the life I choose!  My power to create and experience JOY!  My power to manifest my new desires!

When we hold both hands clenched around our resentments – our need to be “right” – we cannot OPEN our hands (or more importantly our HEARTS) to allow in new love, new peace, new joy!

The only way to do open our clenched hands and hearts  is to forgive ourselves!  And as you do, the resentment will dissolve and disappear and your full power will be restored.

You always have the infinite inner power to choose again!

Is today the day YOU will choose to forgive and reclaim YOUR full power?


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It’s typical at this time of year, at least here in the United States, to start thinking about gratitude. After all, that is, of course, the main message of the Thanksgiving Holiday. I guess I’m glad there is a day that specifically focuses us on being grateful, but personally, I find it a little sad.


Because gratitude is such a vital component to creating a consciously aware life filled with the CHOICES rather than CIRCUMSTANCES. And to have a life filled with joy, peace and prosperity you can’t relegate being thankful to just one day a year.

This year, consider starting a new tradition. How about 365 days of gratitude? How good do you think you and your family would feel if every single day you were each thankful for at least ONE thing in your lives? Can you imagine the energy of that collective attitude of gratitude  carried throughout the whole year?

The list of things to be grateful is endless! From the sun rising each morning, to the birds chirping, to the smile on your kid’s face, or the lick on your face from your doggie’s tongue! Then there’s all your body parts that keep working on your behalf for the most part! What about the glory of mother nature – I’m looking at some beautiful roses blooming right outside my office window at the moment!

Thanksgiving Day is THE perfect time to start a gratitude journal. (And for you non-U.S. folks choose an appropriate holiday for your culture or make one up and call it GRATITUDE DAY!) It doesn’t have to be fancy! You can stop at the dollar store and buy little 3-5 notepads for all of your guests! On the first page, start out the list by telling them how grateful you are that they are sharing this day with you. Suggest the new tradition and imagine how cool it would be for everyone to bring their journals to Thanksgiving Dinner NEXT year filled with all the blessings of the year!

We frequently speak of the Law of Attraction – what you think about is what you bring about – so if you want more blessings in your life – being in gratitude for all that you currently have – is a great way to generate MORE being returned to you!

And I will take this opportunity to thank each of you for reading this! It may sound corny – but I’m willing for you to think that. Whenever I hear from one of you that the words I’ve written, or the session we’ve had together has been useful to you – my heart swells with joy! I am soooooooo grateful for that opportunity – it is SUCH a blessing to me!

Wishing you a joyful holiday filled with conscious awareness of your bountiful blessings!

Remember — you ALWAYS have the infinite inner power of CHOICE!

STEPHANIE RAINBOW BELL, Conscious Awareness Expert

P.S. The holidays can also bring up a lot of emotions – some of which can be quite challenging. I’ve created the HARMONY FOR THE HOLIDAYS Email Coaching package just so you don’t have to deal with all that alone. From now until January 2nd, 2011 , just email me with your questions, challenges or issues and I’ll provide solutions, encouragement, support and new perspectives by return email! Receive  six weeks of (up to) daily email support for $47! Give your SELF an early holiday present! You’ll have someone in YOUR corner, with YOUR best interests to heart to give you personal, individual attention from now until the beginning of the new year! You deserve HARMONY FOR THE HOLIDAYS!!

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OK . . .

So you are sitting in your home or office, you know there is “stuff” to be done and you don’t want to do it.  More than you don’t WANT to do it . . . you are scared to do it.  Maybe not scared to do the chores, but scared to do the “something” that will bring a little more light into your life, bring a little more joy, or  expand your beingness.

What the hell am I talking about you ask?

OK . . . here’s MY example.

I’m a business owner.  As much as I don’t want to be a business OWNER – I’d far rather just help others with my intuitive gifts and coaching, I AM a business OWNER and there are business OWNER-type things that need doing.

Like providing great content on my website.

And yes – there is divine right timing and inspired action and all that that comes into play – but this particular post – is about FEAR.  Paralyzing, I-am-NOT-going-to-take-that-next-action-step, FEAR.  Beyond logic, beyond reason, beyond all the “knowingness” I possess . . . overwhelming all of that (and yes because I am allowing it) . . . is FEAR – like a great big vat of molasses that I’ve fallen into and can’t find the ladder or a rope or a miracle way out.

So sometimes, (I hate to admit it out loud though) I allow the fear to take over my [business] life in subtle ways or not so subtle ways.  But mostly – I allow it to freeze me into IN-action . . . ME – the great coach – ME – the great teacher – ME the student of 30+ years of metaphysical teachings . . . ME . . . stuck in a vat of molasses.

What am I going to do about it?

I was listening to a Sunday Blessing presented by Glenda Green recently and  I heard (in my mind) . . . “picture this Dear One . . .”

Picture what?

They continued . . .  “Visualize your fear as if it was a lot of goopy stuff inside of you that can get sucked out by a Cosmic Wet Vac!” . . . (Yes . . . that’s what I heard . . . “they” have a sense of humor and speak to me in MY kind of language so that I “get” it!)

At the same time, I heard another voice in me telling me that the fear is only illusion so picturing it like goop is making an illusion real – and I understood that – but at that moment – my Highest Self was NOT in the driver’s seat and that thick goopy molasses like stuff WAS . . . so I went back and pictured the goopy stuff and tried to push it into the center of my imagination – picturing my kitchen – and all this goop in the center of my kitchen floor . . .

And then they said “We will turn on the wet vac now . . . your job is to make sure that YOU are willing to let go of all the goopy stuff . . . and open all the cupboards and closets and secret hiding places . . . so that WE can suck it all out for you . . . ”

And so . . . .

That’s what I did.

Mentally, I opened up all my closets, cupboards, drawers and lifted the skirt under the bed.  I opened the door to the attic, to the garage, to the storage boxes buried in the back of the closet …. And  I “allowed” the wet vac to suck up all the goop.

And then I heard  . . . “now go write . . . ”

Excuse me?  Go write?  Shouldn’t I just sit here and wallow a little more?  Shouldn’t I assimilate this experience?  Shouldn’t I distract myself with some chore or another?

And they said  . .  .”If what you fear most is “doing” then NOT doing is gonna make more goop isn’t it?  And didn’t you just ask us to wet vac that crap up?”

Uh .  . . . oops . . . . yes . . . . Yes, I did.

So here I am.

Writing this blog post.  Because in order for me to be of maximum service to YOU, my website needs content for you!  Content I was afraid to write because it would put me out there for you to judge.  And you might judge me harshly.  And then I’d crumble into a pile of dirt that needed to be swept away under the rug.

Now that is certainly “small me” thinking.  The Higher Self me knows better.  The Higher Self knows that all of us have gifts to share with each other and one of mine is my willingness to put my “stuff” out there because it might, maybe, help someone else.

Because I’m probably NOT the only human that is afraid to take the “next” step whatever that means for them.  Because I’m probably NOT the only human that has procrastinated because of Fear.  Because I’m probably NOT the only human that gets caught up in her “small” self . . .

Taking that next step even when we think we are stuck in molasses . . . that’s called “courage” in some circles.  It’s called “faith” in some circles.  It’s called “trust” in some circles.  And sometimes, sometimes we just have to get up off our asses and DO IT . . . that is IF we want what lies where that “next step” will take us.

So do me a favor will you please?

If this post has rung a bell for you will you please make a comment below?  Let me know whether it has helped you?  You know what . . . let me know even if you disagree  . . . . because  . . . by YOU taking the action to write YOUR comment . . . it may just help another human being . . . . and I know it will help me.

Thank you.


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BE THE LOVE – Even When Your Ex Remarries

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My ex remarried this past weekend.  I knew it was going to happen, we have had a cordial and amicable divorce and in fact, I helped my 23-yr old daughter prepare to attend the event.  So it wasn’t new news.  And, I had also arranged to spend Saturday evening with some of my sacred sisters, participating in a Native American Fire Releasing Ceremony – giving me the IDEAL opportunity to let the past go (again) and focus on my gratitude and intention for the future.

And that went very well.

And Sunday I woke up feeling quite bright and lighter and pleased with myself.

And then, late Sunday evening, while hanging out on Facebook, I noticed a new item in my NewsFeed.  My ex had changed his relationship status from “in a relationship” to “MARRIED.” And despite ALL the work I’ve done processing the divorce since we first decided to split in January 2009, seeing that silly status change hit me like a ton of bricks.

This morning, I woke up still thinking about it.  As I went for my morning swim I asked my Guides and Angels to help me see this all differently.  I did NOT want to play “the victim” – because I am NOT a victim.  I know I co-created everything that led up to our decision to split.  I did NOT want to play the martyr either.  While some of the circumstances of our breakup could be woven into a martyr scenario – again, I cannot be a martyr if I take responsibility for co-creating the situation and circumstances.

So during my swim, I did a lot of HoOPonoPono (a Hawaiian forgiveness process) that I chanted while I swam.  I felt a little better afterwards but still not as peaceful as I would ideally like.

When I got home, I checked my emails. I subscribe to many inspirational messages and one of my favorite is from Dyan Garris, Voice of the Angels. Believing in Divine Synchronicities as I do, I was not surprised to find the message below in my Inbox this morning.

Daily Channeled Message

A challenge for today – for any day, really – is to be the love. Examine where you give your power away and for what reasons. When you find yourself engaging in whatever that you don’t want to be engaging in, stop for a minute, take a deep breath and pull yourself back into the love. No matter who or what is pushing the button, try to realize that you don’t have to open the door, nor do you have to sit there and allow button pushing unless you really want to. It’s a choice for both the pusher and the pushee. Realize that you are simply living whatever it is you’ve created. That’s all. It’s very simple. Taking responsibility for perhaps inviting someone to push the button is a huge step forward. Knowing that people and things happen for a reason, and that reason is to teach you something about love, can be a very valuable piece of information. So instead of allowing someone or something to push you today, pull back into center instead. Cozy and safe, and maybe you can’t even hear the button being pushed from in there.

Pretty perfect eh?

I was asking to stay focused on the fact I ALWAYS have a choice how I FEEL.  It is always my choice to change my perception.  It is always my choice to hold onto my power or to give it away.

Dyan reminded me about BEING THE LOVE.  I choose that as part of my mission and purpose for being here on the planet at this time.  I am a Lightworker.  I bring light and love where there is darkness.  That’s my job.  And I LOVE IT!

Today I have the power and capacity and ability and DESIRE to choose LOVE.  Love for myself AND for my ex and his new wife.  Love sees only Love.  Better still, Love FEELS only Love.  And loving myself feels a whole lot better than being a victim, or a martyr, or feeling abandoned.  Today I love myself enough – to love myself!  I know that sounds weird, but it’s true.  And when I woke up this morning, I wasn’t consciously feeling “the love” – for myself or for my ex!

But now I do.  Now I remember that I can choose how I feel and I can always choose to return to LOVE.  And so can you!  Regardless of the situation – we can always choose to change our thoughts, change our beliefs, change our perspectives and return to our Sacred Heart!

Man!  That’s GREAT news isn’t it?

May you feel the joy of being the love that you are today and every day.

And so it is. : )

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According to Michael Bernard Beckwith – absolutely not.  We are reading his latest book “Spiritual Liberation” in one of my weekly study groups and when he introduced his concept of self-discipline in Chapter 4 – well – it was a real eye opener for me.

I was raised in a pretty rigid household with quite an authoritarian/dictator/ lawyer-to-the-max father.  That never really suited my personality apparently from the git-go because my earliest memories are of being told “NO” and “Go to your room!”  I was more free-spirited and strong-willed than I believe either of my parents would have preferred and so I was constantly being told to be more disciplined (read that – “do what I was told”).

There was another aspect of my 17 years living under my parents’ roof that was even more tyrannical.  I was overweight apparently from birth so the story goes.  I won’t go into the gory details but let’s just say it was common place in our house for refrigerators and cupboards to be locked, for things that had been promised to me, to be taken away or not given as punishment, and in my teens, to be grounded if I hadn’t lost the requisite 2 lbs per week my father had instigated as a weekly rule.  In fact, I didn’t learn how to drive until I was married and in my early 20s because that was another “consequence” of my not losing weight my father wanted me to lose.

All that is to say that discipline, in ANY form, much less of self, was THE FURTHEST thing from my mind!  I was (and still am truth be known) quite the rebel and somewhat understandably so and it’s been a very interesting ride untangling the web of convoluted beliefs, decisions and actions of those early years.  Self-discipline to me was a rather dirty word indeed.  It meant I “had to” do something and even if that something was/is for my own good AND of my own choosing – well – I admit that rebellious kid and teenager still have a pretty strong footing upstairs in my brain!

But Rev. Michael’s words really stuck with me this time for some reason.  He wrote:

“The gift of self-discpline is that it has the power to take you beyond the reasoning of temporary emotion to freedom” . . . The combination of the love for something with the willingness to do what it takes to practice it – discipline – results in freedom.”

Well FREEDOM is something I’ve always craved and not just in this lifetime I think!

I left my parents’ home at 17 and actually got married in order to be “free” of my parents’ restrictions.  It didn’t take long though before I realized that “restrictions” are just apart of life.  They are the boundaries that maintain some semblance of order in our society, as well as within our own psyches.  Without some sort of borders and guidelines and rules we would all be running amuck which would make for a VERY interesting physical existence!

So, back to today.   Here I am – exercising self-discipline – writing this blog post at the end of a longer-than-usual-for-me day.  It is an exercise in self-discipline for me – an act towards freedom for me – because I made a commitment to myself to  21 days of specific, outlined, physical actions in my business.  I wanted to develop some new habits and I set my intention not only to develop the new habits but also to receive clarity and inspiration regarding my business.  And today is Day 14 of my 21 Day Plan.

It’s after 5pm as I write this.  Five in the afternoon has NEVER been a good time of day for me to be productive.  I’m a morning girl.  At 5 AM I could write my little heart out, but by 5PM, my body, mind and spirit are ready to turn-off and cozy up to my Tivo!  And I didn’t procrastinate about writing today either.  I was out of the house at 6am, went to the gym for my workout- swim, went to the grocery store and put gas in the car all before 8am. Then put away the groceries, etc., then the phone rang and it was urgent, then my daughter rang and it too was urgent and next thing I know it’s time to leave for my Monday Study Group.  Then it was off to the vet for the Lovely Lola’s annual check up, home and another urgent discussion with my daughter.  Oh – and I hadn’t even eaten all day!!!  So then I ate!  And next thing I know it’s 4:45pm !!!

Was I tempted to say “F _ _ _ It!  I’m just not writing today?

HELL YES!!!! “Temporary emotion” as Rev. Michael says, would make it VERY EASY for me to pass on Day 14 of my 21 Day  Plan and make excuses to myself for failing to keep my commitment to myself.

And you know what?

A couple of weeks ago I would have done just that.

But Rev. Michael’s words just kept ringing in my ears:  “The gift of self-discipline is that it has the power to take you beyond the reasoning of temporary emotion to freedom.”

And I chose freedom today.  Yes I DID!

“The combination of the love for something with the willingness to do what it takes to practice it – discipline – results in freedom.” I have a love for myself to show myself that I am WILLING to do what it takes to keep my 21 day commitment to myself. And by practicing self-discipline, this time, in this way  . . . I get to be FREE.

I chose FREEDOM!


Happy Dance Time!

Now where’s my Tivo remote? : )

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angel cooks helperDear One

This new moon energy is quite a mixed bag of feelings and sensations for you.  We feel your excitement and happy anticipation of new blessings as they expand in the ethers on their way to your physical manifestation.  Yet we also feel the energy of past wounds and longing for change.

And we want you to know that it is ALL good Dear One.  Every bit of it!  What we clap our hands in glee about watching you, is your willingness to HAVE the experiences!  Especially of late we notice how you are purposefully stepping out into new venues, new activities and all for the most part with hopeful anticipation of discovering something wonderful.

This is a lovely path to be on Dearest because it holds the vibration of the future while still acknowledging the gifts of the present.  It says “I am here right now and this is an OK place to be AND I am also ready to receive new, exciting and interesting gifts and treasures.”  You can feel the energy of that bubbling and simmering in a big pot with orgasmic aromas emanating from the pot – just like when you are cooking some magnificent creation on your stove.  You know that it takes time for all the flavors to meld together and create a dish that is greater than the sum of its individual ingredients . . . that you stir in love, and joy and excitement about how delicious it will be not just to taste yourself, but to share with others that you love.

That my dear earth angel is what your vortex looks and feels and smells like from our perspective right now.  It is soo full of goodness and yumminess and sweetness and light.  It’s simmering and carmelizing and infusing with love and light, just waiting for that EXACT moment when it is PERFECT and everything is divinely aligned, ready to be served up to you!  We assure you that it is very close to that moment right now.

And we suggest to you Dear One that you continue to stir the pot ever so gently from time to time.  Take the lid off and breathe in the heady aromas of your heart’s desires about to manifest, know with every fibre of your being how much you will enjoy the perfect outcome – the great joy, the great gratitude, the great pleasure in the sharing of your bounty.

It is SOOO perfect Dear One.  And All is SOOO very well!

We are so excited for you!

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LETTING GO – Relationships

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So what do YOU do when you get news that’s a bit hard to take on the first swallow?

I recently read a (very nice and thoughtfully composed) email from my ex, informing me that he is getting married soon to the woman he began seeing just as we separated in July 2009. Our divorce was final the beginning of this year (2010) and as of this writing, we have not been living together for a bit over a  year or so now.

And still . . . I had to force myself to breathe.  And remind myself to breathe again . . . and again . . .

And I sent an email or 2 to a couple of friends.

And then I left to meet my next appointment.

Because my life is good!

My life is GREAT.

My life just keeps getting better and better.  And that’s not bulls_ _t.

My life keeps getting better and better because I CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to make it so.

I consciously choose the thoughts I think.  I consciously decide whether to spend my energy wondering about what was or could have been or whether to put my energy into where I want to GO and to the lovely places I’m visiting along the way.

I consciously choose to create a life of joy, peace and comfort.  And I do that by avoiding thoughts, words and actions that are contrary and contradictory to that.

My ex-husband is an excellent example of how easy it is to manifest when you stay focused.  He has created a lovely life for himself and I am NOT being facetious (well, ok,  half of a half of one percent maybe facetious!).  Truly and honestly once we decided to split up, (and probably even before) he spent a great deal of time focusing on exactly what he wanted in his next relationship and virtually no time on what he was leaving behind.

And he met his new wife-to-be almost instantly. BOOM! Instant manifestation.

Yes – that was a little hard to take.  But if I raise my perspective a wee bit – I can see the wisdom in that.  It’s his path and I honestly and truly 10,000% wish him and his wife-to-be well.

And me?

Well just a few days ago (and BEFORE I heard his news) . . . I created my  Feng Shui Vision Board™ for the ROMANCE sections of my home.  That’s the picture here.

So I’ve already set my intentions.

And all is well . . . .

And getting weller . . .

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Dear One –

You and many others – including many of your friends – are experiencing a big shift energetically. This shift is bringing things up into your conscious awareness that will be of great benefit to the individual and in turn to humanity as it is shared thru the healing and teaches of you and your colleagues.

The light vibration of your circle – and others – is very high and much needed. We encourage each of you individually and collectively to continue to engage in activities and inventions that bring you much joy. The vibration of joy carries with it bio particles of Light that are like tiny powerful explosions – infusions of love, peace, joy and hope – that will shower out upon all of those that each of you come in contact with and ripple out further as those people then connect with their families, friends and loved ones. This collective energy is very powerful. Each of you carry a component that when gathered together, synergistically expands exponentially.

As an individual – continue to focus on the expansion of your intentions – noticing where your actions are out of alignment with specific intentions and setting the intention to bring all of your actions into alignment with manifesting your highest love, light, prosperity and joy.

This is, indeed, a unique and special time for all of you who are open to its wisdom and willing to implement the actions that will spring forth from your inspirations. Do not miss this boat Dear Ones!


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