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Rainbow Blessings!

P.S. I RARELY do promotions of this kind because I am all about content and value over hype!  So please know that when I DO share something — it’s because it’s passed my own, personal, rigorous, integrity standards!

P.P.S. PLEASE SHARE this opportunity with your friends, family and colleagues.  Just hit the FACEBOOK, TWITTER and LINKEDIN buttons below or above the post! :)   THANKS!!!

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Repeat this affirmation —–>  “My AMAZING life just gets BETTER and BETTER!!!!” It’s all in your perception you know!  If you have running water, clothes on your back and some crackers in the cupboard your life is AMAZING!  If you can breathe, wiggle your fingers, and your hair grows — your life is AMAZING!  If you have someone to love and someone who loves you — your life is AMAZING!! SEE???? It’s Better and Better already isn’t it?? :)

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LATEST DINNER TREAT (from the mouths of babes)

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A young son came upstairs to his mom’s office while she was working and said, “I want a case of diarrhea!”

Mom said, “Heavens, child, why?”

Son replies: “Isn’t that what you’re making for dinner?”

Mom (laughing hysterically):   “No, honey, I said I was going to make you guys quesadillas.

(NOTE:  This is a true conversation my friend Erin Pavlina had with her son!)

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Q: When is an elephant like the Easter Bunny?
A: When he’s wearing his cute little Easter Bunny suit.

Q: What do you call a chocolate Easter bunny that was out in the sun too long?
A: A runny bunny.

Q: Why couldn’t the rabbit fly home for Easter?
A: He didn’t have the hare fare.

Q: How many chocolate bunnies can you put into an empty Easter basket?
A: One. After that the basket won’t be empty.

Q: Why did the rabbit cross the road?
A: Because the chicken had his Easter eggs.

Chicken: What’s the difference between the Easter rabbit and a mattababy?
Egg: What’s a mattababy?
Chicken: Nothing. What’s the matter with you?

Q: Where do Easter bunnies dance?
A: At the basketball.

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gas pump humor

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In All Your Imperfect Glory!

~ Stephanie Rainbow Bell

This topic has been coming up a lot for me and it seems like every where I turn for a while now I am being “reminded” of the blessing of unconditional acceptance of ALL of me! Even the stuff / parts / actions / non-actions I judge as “wrong” or “bad” or “not good enough!”

This week I was one of the featured speakers at the Holistic Educators and Awareness Roundtable meeting here in Vegas. I was guided to speak about 3 Inner Power Tips – and “BEING YOUR AUTHENTIC YOU” was at the top of the list.


Because we honestly can’t be anything BUT our authentic selves! We can try to hide the bits we don’t like or don’t approve of. We can try to fit in to places and situations we don’t really feel comfortable at. We can even manage to look in a mirror and avoid those parts of our body that we can’t stand the sight of.

But deep down inside – in our souls – in our sacred hearts – we ARE our AUTHENTIC SELF and that is a GREAT thing!!!!


Because it is our very uniqueness and individualness that blesses the planet with a very specific energy (the essence of YOU!) that contributes to the WHOLENESS of this time and space reality! No one BUT you can BE you! No one BUT you can bring the divinely special gifts and talents – your energetic signature – to THIS moment in our evolution!

Your specific, unique quirks, attributes, wounds, pains, hurts, joys, LOVE – are EXACTLY what is needed to contribute to all who come within your orbit! We all agreed to that when we chose to incarnate at this time!

Remember that you do TRULY belong here!

I know that idea can be a bit “out there” for some – and you are, as always, of course free to discard it and move along – but for those that DO resonate with that concept – isn’t it wonderful to remember that you do TRULY belong here?


Your AUTHENTIC YOU is PERFECT!!! And like the song says: “Nobody does it BETTER!”

This week, step boldly into your authenticity! Allow EVERYTHING about you to be OK! Celebrate the ALL of you! Let your jiggly bits jiggle proudly! (as I am learning to do!) Let the undone chores be undone without judgment! Let the parts of you that you perceive are the darkest – be a blessing – JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE A PART OF the SPECIAL, UNIQUELY DIVINE YOU!


And I THANK GOD for every one of you for your blessings and contributions to MY little orbit!  : )

And so it is . . . .

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“Love yourself first with all your heart,

with all your soul and with all your might.”

~ Stephanie Rainbow Bell

I have to admit that I’m not a big fan of Valentine’s Day and frankly, was going to avoid the topic altogether this week. But, of course, I know (and you probably do too!) – that anything we are avoiding – is usually the very thing that needs addressing – so here we go.

As we all are made ABUNDANTLY aware, Valentine’s Day is typically marketed to romantic unions and so us single folks can end up feeling like the kid who is picked last for the sports team. Regardless of our reasons and our emotions about being single – with all the media exposure and advertising – it takes a pretty confident person to stand up tall on Valentine’s Day and say “I’m GOOD alone THANK YOU very much!”

Now I would be less than honest if I told you I was 100% fine with being alone. There is definitely a part of me that wants to be in a committed relationship. Not because I feel I am “incomplete” without one, but because I love sharing experiences with others and I like the security of knowing there is a special someone to come home to and that comes home to me. (Married folks plz keep reading!)

But that being said . . . if we cannot love OURSELVES with all of our heart, soul and might – how can we truly expect to give or receive love from another? And if you are already in a committed relationship, it still behooves you to have a good look around inside of you and see where you stand with respect to that!

  • Do you love yourself enough to take good care of your body, mind and spirit?
  • Do you love yourself enough to say no when you know that’s REALLY the right thing to do?
  • Do you love yourself enough to allow for your own foibles, “mistakes”, mis-perceptions?
  • Do you love yourself enough to give yourself special treats for no reason, whether that’s a spa treatment, a new book, your fave food treat or a special vacation?
  • Do you love yourself enough to leave the past in the past and stay fully present to the blessings in the present?

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself the gift of love by acknowledging YOU! How special you are, what a blessing you are, the unique gifts and talents you bring to the planet at this time!

Love YOU first, with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your might

and then keep doing it!!

Make EVERY day your own personal Valentine’s Day!


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UGGGHHH! or YAY!!!! ??? U B The Judge

“Follow-Through” . . . . .UGGHHH?  or YAY????

I’ll be honest.  My first thought when I hear those words “follow-thru” is UGGGGGGHHHHH!  BIG TIME!

It comes from years and years of making promises to myself (and others) that I wasn’t able to keep at the time.  Wasn’t able because I wasn’t willing.  Wasn’t willing because it was either the wrong choice for me at the time or I was too afraid . . .  or both!

So . . . “follow-thru” isn’t really a phrase you will hear me use very often.

But right now . . . . “follow-thru” is a critical phrase for me and probably for you too.

Because WITHOUT “follow-thru”  it is highly unlikely you will get where you want to go to, no matter how much you say you “want” to.

Follow-thru is about taking ACTION.  It’s about DOING not just dreaming.  It’s about manifesting into PHYSICAL form because we are spiritual beings who have chosen (this time ’round at least) to have a PHYSICAL human experience.

Follow-thru is about writing this blog post.  Not THINKING about writing the blog post.  Not WISHING I would write the blog post.  Not FLOGGING MYSELF because I haven’t YET written the blog post.  It’s about WRITING the bloody blog post!

And the mere act of following-thru with ACTION . . . is the key that unlocks the golden door of manifestation.  Because when we ACT, all of the power of the Universe is activated on our behalf.  Did you realize that?

The Universe can only match the vibration we give out.  If we give out the “I’ll do it later” vibe . . . then we get “I’ll get it later” vibes returned.  That’s how the Law of Attraction works.  It’s straight quantum physics that part.  So “wishing” we’d take that next step forward brings us more wishes and more opportunities to keep wishing!

But actually TAKING the step forward . . . well . . . WOW! . . . that opens up a whole ‘nother  Universe . . . literally!  It opens up the Universe of Infinite Possibility  . . . because in our act of stepping forward, in our ACT of taking ACTion . . . we send out a vibe to the Universe that says “I’m READY!  Let’s HIT IT! NOW please!”

And THEN the Universe says . . . . “GREAT!  Hold onto your hat! ” . . . .

In our act of DOING instead of wishing or hoping or berating or stalling or whatever word you want to insert there . . . our act of DOING sends out a ripple effect of bringing into physical form that which we are showing our desire for by our ACTion.

Do you get how powerful that is?

Do you get how powerful YOU are?

Do you get that that tiny little wee baby step that feels so f’ing monumental . . . MATTERS?  Matters BIG TIME?

And let’s be really clear here!  It’s not “which” step you take.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose to go forward or backward or left or right . . . the only thing that matters is the DO-ing.  WHICHEVER step you take, the forward momentum of your vibration will lead you to the next step . . . and ultimately . . if you keep taking those itsy bitsy teeny weeny little steps . . . ultimately you WILL . . . WIHTOUT A DOUBT . . . manifest what you are seeking OR something even BETTER!

I know the fear can seem awfully real.

I know you can easily fall into the trap of believing False Evidence Appearing Real.

And that’s OK  . . . . for a while . . . .

But please, oh please, oh PRETTY PLEASE do NOT let it KEEP you stuck.

Bookmark this post and come back and read it when you notice you are NOT moving forward with whatever it is.

Read it AGAIN to remind you of your TRUTH!

The Truth that you are a Glorious Child of a Loving God.  The Truth that JOY is your divine birthright by CHOICE!

The truth of quantum physics and the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction . . . .

What you think about . . . you bring about . . . and if you are only THINKING it . . . that is NOT a PHYSICAL form . . . DO-ing it makes it a physical reality.

DO ing the little bitty baby step . . . NOW!

Not tomorrow.

Not an hour from now.

Not next week.


Do it NOW because you DESERVE it.

Then do it AGAIN because of how GREAT you feel because YOU DID IT!



And oh  please, please share it with us here below in the comments section so we can all celebrate with you.  When Joy is shared it multiplies exponentially!

How fun to think of all of us doing the Dance of Joy for everyone who leaves a comment below because they TOOK THE STEP!


Rainbow Blessings!

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A CyberSpace Xmas 4 My Cyberspace Friends

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Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! And for everyone a Holy Day Blessing from me to you!

I celebrate the Birth of the Divine in every soul reading this! I celebrate the blessing of you, the Light and Love you bring to the planet, knowing your value to the Universe and to all whose lives you touch, including mine! God Bless Each of You on this special Holy Day.

ENJOY! (It’s short!)

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Peace on Earth

Good Will To All!

There’s no need for a long elaborate post about today’s message.

But it IS a perfect opportunity for all of us to unite our hearts and minds and set the intention for peace on our planet and harmony for all!

When we collectively focus our energies on a common goal – it has a very powerful and profound effect! This week, on the Winter Solstice Full Moon, the planets are aligned in a configuration that has not happened for over 300 years!  That’s a whole lot of aligning! And a whole lot of power we can access!

So sometime this weekend, perhaps when you first wake up on Christmas morning,  send a little prayer of peace out to the world.  Feel the peace in your heart well up and spill over and send the waves out to the planet, to the animals, to the people, to the trees and the stars.

Lola and I wish you and your loved ones

Peace and Good Will

today and always!

God Bless You!

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