Are you remembering who you TRULY are today?  That gorgeous beam of radiant energy that lights up the planet and everyone around you by your mere joyful thought?  Do it!  Be it! Live it!  NOW!

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP:  Your “happy NOW” creates your happy future.  Become more conscious of what you are feeling in this NOW moment and adjust your vibration accordingly if necessary. This is a great gift you give yourself because not only will you feel better right now, but you will also be creating your better feeling future!


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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: “Regardless of the country you live in, your ability to experience freedom is always available to you!  Freedom lives in your heart, not your head.  When you allow love to flow freely in, around and through you, true freedom then prevails.”   ~ Council of the Rainbow Light

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: Whether your relationship with your Dad was/is fabulous or less than fabulous, you would not be you without him and your soul connection with him has blessed you with knowledge and wisdom that is forever integrally woven into the tapestry of this lifetime.  Today, take a moment to allow for the appreciation of the entirety of your paternal connection.  It’s OK if that’s a stretch for you!  That’s what truly connecting to your Inner Power is all about!

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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: If you’ve  “lost that lovin’ feelin’” about your life in general or any part of it, then you may have fallen out temporarily out of sync with your Divine Spirit aka Mojo!  Here’s a simple but powerful reconnect:  STOP whatever you are doing!  Take a deep breath and moan, groan, sigh LOUDLY as you let it out.  Now stomp your feet on the ground while lifting and shaking your arms to the sky for another breath or two.  Stand still and breathe in Mother Earth and Father Sky.  Now, put your hands over your heart and breathe softly until you connect with your heart beat. AHHHH!!!!  THERE YOU GO!!  Resynced and ready to rock n’ roll!!!  WHOOO HOOOO!!!

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“You cannot fly when you are dragging an anchor!”

~ The 3 Sisters via Gregory Kompes

While the one writing received this message earlier this week from our “colleagues” known as The 3 Sisters in your world, it is a vital message for all who are reading this.

All of you have anchors that you allow to weigh you down.   Sometimes it is a thought of “I’m not good enough”, or “What will they thnk of me if I do that?” or “That’s not possible for me.”  Sometimes it is when you create illness to resist the flow of the Greater You that you are becoming.  Sometimes it is consciously recognized by its REAL name . . . FEAR.

We shouldn’t really say “real” should we?  LOL!  There is nothing “real” about FEAR.  We like the anagram coined by your 12-step programs which is FEAR = F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal!  Fear is simply that Dear Ones.  In a land of ever-plenty which is always available to you (and we do not mean your earth but rather the Infinite Universe which always has its door open to you) there is no need for a word or a concept like F E A R.

But in your human world – we understand why you believe it is real.

However, we invite you to step into our “shoes” for a moment and see with our “eyes” . . .

From our perspective, there is nothing to fear because you cannot make a mistake.  You cannot get it “wrong” , you cannot “run out of time”.  Even those things you would point to like crime, or drugs, or even war serve their purpose on your planet.  There is ALWAYS a different perspective to see from if you choose to find it.

Here is our key point.

Do not let your human doubts, fears, worries and concerns keep you from experiencing the life that you chose when you came forth into this time and  this space.  Find SOME perspective, ANY perspective, that allows you to keep moving forward, expanding ever wider.  Be more willing to step into your grace.

You may call it taking a “risk” – but it cannot be defined as a risk if your viewpoint is “I am going to do this thing that I is a bit unusual for me to do but I want to have the joy and the experience of the EXPERIENCE!  So however it turns out – I’m doing it for the exhilaration of doing it!  I’m doing it to see what it is like!  I’m doing it because I’m curious and I want to try something new! So no matter how it turns out I am a winner because I’ve had the experience!  I stretched!  I jumped!  I tested new waters!  WOW!  What a rush!  How Cool!  I LOVE THIS!!! ”

Can you see Dear Ones that that is EXACTLY how your Divine Spirit views EVERYTHING you do?  That’s what being in human form does for your Spirit – it gives it a container to absorb emotions of all types, physical experiences of ALL types (including illness and so called “handicaps”).  Your Divine Spirit does not have the capacity to judge ANY experience as “bad” or “wrong” . . . it just sees the joy and the thrill of being able to have that expansion!  It truly is “ALL GOOD” from our perspective!!!

So we say this to you . . . as you go about the business of your daily lives this coming week . . . ask yourself – what would I do today if I REALLY believed I could fly?  What step would I take in a direction that makes my heart sing?  What thought could I change that might, just maybe, bring a new joyful moment into my life?

Just for a moment, try on the new belief that you cannot FAIL, there is nothing you can do WRONG and that All IS Truly WELL!

Let go of your anchor!

We are filled with absolute sheer DELIGHT as we watch you SOAR!


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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP: “Open WIDER!  Receive DEEPER Dear Ones!  Picture every one of your trillion cells Opening Wider, Receiving Divine Love ever Deeper!  Sit with it.  Allow yourself to receive.  Breathe.  Breathe.  When you are complete, picture the cells whole, perfect and complete and know that what you have just received will continue to expand bringing you more joy, more health, more love . . . whatever it is that you wish to magnetize you.  You are VERY loved Dear Ones.


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TODAY’S INNER POWER TIP:  “If you could look in a mirror and see what We see, you would cuddle and coo just like when you view a newborn babe! We see ONLY all of the Light, Hope, Love and Infinite Possibilities that you are now, that you always have been, and that you always will be! We delight in the Wonder That Is You! Please Dear Ones – go look and see what we see!”  ~ Council of the Rainbow Light

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Recently, I’ve been “called” to the irises and roses blossoming forth in my front garden!  They have been like a magnet actually!  From nowhere (in this lifetime!),  I am suddenly tending to them, pruning them, checking for aphids and providing extra fertilizer.  I’ve also been enjoying bringing them indoors to watch even more closely as each bud opens and delight in their fragrance and energy!

I’ve been absolutely in AWE this year of their magnificence!

A few days ago, I sat down to write my weekly newsletter article.  It wasn’t flowing very well so I paused and did a brief meditation.  It was supposed to be a “quiet mind” meditation — where you leave your mind to go blank . . . .which I did, until the image of one of these roses popped and kept going from bud to full bloom, like a time-lapse photography movie!

I distinctly received the message it was time to go write and I placed my fingers on the keyboard expecting to pop out my newsletter article.

“They” had a different idea apparently! :)

Here is their message:

We enjoy your enchantment and delight of our opening. We feel the spark of life within, urging us to begin our new journey this year after the long sleep of winter. We welcome the warmth of the sun. We absorb the earth energy of Spring as it transmits its message to us that it is time.

We love that you are now tending to us. We sense the presence of your energetic imprint when you admire us. We sense the tenderness with which you gaze at us and the care you take when cutting our stems. We recognize your appreciation – your valuing us and encouragement to continue our journey because the pruning and the cutting back and the mindfulness with which you tend us is noticed – and not just by us Child — but by Mother Nature herself. There is a palpable sense of admiration and awe when you gaze upon us or our sister flowers, and that is also felt as you commune with the moon and the dawn and the sunsets. There is a two way receivership that occurs – ahh – we sense you did not know that before and we are soooo very pleased to share that new information with you now.

Please tell your human friends that this is true for them as well. For those concerned about the earth and the nature beings, we want you all to know that we do respond to your joy, your awe, you delight, your amazement, your enjoyment. We receive those vibrations with expansiveness. If we were human, we would hold our heads a bit higher, we would shine a bit brighter, we would sparkle a bit longer!

Even when you have brought us inside from the garden, and you are so intently attuned to our unfolding – we connect with you in your unfolding, your Spirit and ours are not dissimilar in our DNA predisposition to continue our journeys of evolvement.

We thank you deeply and sincerely for your recognition and for transcribing this message so that others of your kind may be informed.

I really don’t have much else to say . . . .

except . . . .




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Bless yourself, exactly as you are NOW,

in this holy instant.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks for me.  I went on my annual birthday cruise a couple of weeks ago which didn’t  turn out as I had anticipated partly due to the fact that I had a fall on the 2nd day of the trip and slammed into the side of a row of theatre seats with absolutely no grace and resulting in some stunning bruises!

The overall effect on my body was mostly just shock thank goodness — nothing broken, nothing sprained but another interesting outcome was that all I really wanted to do the rest of the cruise was sleep.  And since it was vacation — sleep I did — albeit at least part of the time out in the sunshine!

I found the flight home particularly grueling which surprised me also — again — just totally exhausted and unable to sleep on the plane because we were squished in like sardines.  I went to bed shortly after arriving home, slept most of Monday and by Tuesday, realized I was now getting a cold.  I haven’t had a cold in nearly 2 years best I can recall.

As conscious creators of out life experiences — we know that none of these circumstances happened without our being in vibrational alignment with them — and therein lies the challenge for all of us! How do we take responsibility for creating what we perceive and judge as undesirable situations without making ourselves wrong — and indeed — having the perception and judgment of “undesirable”!

The affirmation at the top of the page  is my resolution of the situation.  If we simply bless ourselves, our lives, the current moment — EXACTLY as it is . . . then we take the sting — the judgment — the mis-perception — out of the equation and return to the state of ALL IS WELL AND IN DIVINE ORDER.

It is ONLY in that state that we can maintain alignment with our Highest Good!  It is that state that creates the magnetic forces (literally as in “quantum physics”) that draws our Good, our Joy, our Peace and our Inner Power to us.

So, next time you catch yourself judging yourself, a situation in your life, a circumstance as “wrong” or “undesirable” . . . bless it and bless YOU for creating it . . . it is simply an opportunity for you to re-choose to align with your Divine Spirit!


Have a great week!

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