“You cannot fly when you are dragging an anchor!”

~ The 3 Sisters via Gregory Kompes

While the one writing received this message earlier this week from our “colleagues” known as The 3 Sisters in your world, it is a vital message for all who are reading this.

All of you have anchors that you allow to weigh you down.   Sometimes it is a thought of “I’m not good enough”, or “What will they thnk of me if I do that?” or “That’s not possible for me.”  Sometimes it is when you create illness to resist the flow of the Greater You that you are becoming.  Sometimes it is consciously recognized by its REAL name . . . FEAR.

We shouldn’t really say “real” should we?  LOL!  There is nothing “real” about FEAR.  We like the anagram coined by your 12-step programs which is FEAR = F alse E vidence A ppearing R eal!  Fear is simply that Dear Ones.  In a land of ever-plenty which is always available to you (and we do not mean your earth but rather the Infinite Universe which always has its door open to you) there is no need for a word or a concept like F E A R.

But in your human world – we understand why you believe it is real.

However, we invite you to step into our “shoes” for a moment and see with our “eyes” . . .

From our perspective, there is nothing to fear because you cannot make a mistake.  You cannot get it “wrong” , you cannot “run out of time”.  Even those things you would point to like crime, or drugs, or even war serve their purpose on your planet.  There is ALWAYS a different perspective to see from if you choose to find it.

Here is our key point.

Do not let your human doubts, fears, worries and concerns keep you from experiencing the life that you chose when you came forth into this time and  this space.  Find SOME perspective, ANY perspective, that allows you to keep moving forward, expanding ever wider.  Be more willing to step into your grace.

You may call it taking a “risk” – but it cannot be defined as a risk if your viewpoint is “I am going to do this thing that I is a bit unusual for me to do but I want to have the joy and the experience of the EXPERIENCE!  So however it turns out – I’m doing it for the exhilaration of doing it!  I’m doing it to see what it is like!  I’m doing it because I’m curious and I want to try something new! So no matter how it turns out I am a winner because I’ve had the experience!  I stretched!  I jumped!  I tested new waters!  WOW!  What a rush!  How Cool!  I LOVE THIS!!! ”

Can you see Dear Ones that that is EXACTLY how your Divine Spirit views EVERYTHING you do?  That’s what being in human form does for your Spirit – it gives it a container to absorb emotions of all types, physical experiences of ALL types (including illness and so called “handicaps”).  Your Divine Spirit does not have the capacity to judge ANY experience as “bad” or “wrong” . . . it just sees the joy and the thrill of being able to have that expansion!  It truly is “ALL GOOD” from our perspective!!!

So we say this to you . . . as you go about the business of your daily lives this coming week . . . ask yourself – what would I do today if I REALLY believed I could fly?  What step would I take in a direction that makes my heart sing?  What thought could I change that might, just maybe, bring a new joyful moment into my life?

Just for a moment, try on the new belief that you cannot FAIL, there is nothing you can do WRONG and that All IS Truly WELL!

Let go of your anchor!

We are filled with absolute sheer DELIGHT as we watch you SOAR!


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