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Dear One,

We want you to know that your physical actions and efforts have and are noticed from this side of the veil. We acknowledge the amount of effort and intention you are putting in but we do have to ask the question – why do you think you are not good enough?

Let us rephrase that. There is an element in what you are doing that comes from the place of believing you are not “sufficient” just as you are. We know this is a dilemma for you that you struggle with and we would of course like to see you stop the struggle. We see how many times a day you make yourself wrong and we know that it is in your conscious awareness at this time to change that habit.

We would like to assure you – again – and again – and again – as many times as it takes – that you have done nothing wrong. That you are not doing anything wrong now—and that indeed – you cannot ever do “wrong” because there is no right or wrong from an energetic standpoint. There is expansion – there is experience – there is what brings you joy and what fills you with love – because – joy and love are the TRUTH of your Divine Spirit and the more you are fully THAT – the more you are allowing your Divine Nature to be predominant within your physical existence.

However, you did choose a physical existence that does have as a key component the element of contrast. When you are noticing contrast – do your best to remember that it is an indication – a roadmap – a lighthouse – showing you the way BACK to your TRUE NATURE of Joy! So always ask what will bring you closer to joy in any given moment. Make your answer easy Child. It doesn’t always have to be the “big” answer. Sometimes it will be a little thing like having a drink of water, washing a dish, or take the dog out. In fact – doing something “little” is an excellent tool because it bypasses the ego.

The ego won’t necessary feel the need to kick in on an event it deems “small” and you have the power to make choices without considering each choice to be so dire. At this point in your life Dear One, there are very few “dire” decision to be made. Your physical safety is not an issue and we wish you would recognize that your emotional safety is no longer an issue either.

Some of you have successfully created an independent life where you only have to answer to you! Yet you continue to create struggle as if you were doing battle with your parents, your husband, or your child. You maintain the pattern of struggle because of its familiarity Dear One but it is not necessary! If you choose to believe that everything you do or don’t do,  have done or haven’t done,  and everything you feel or didn’t feel was PERFECT – was 100% “right” – was OK –how different would your day be? If you truly believed your next choice was totally OK – with NO negative consequences – what would you choose?

This concept is so threatening to your ego that you may be quite easily distracted even as you read this – and frequently that means it is of great import to you! Who says it is wrong for you to enjoy a happy peaceful life? Who says you have to “have a purpose”? Who says you have to serve others? Who says you have to make more money? Or your business has to be financially successful? Whose voices are you listening to? Who is in charge of making those decisions? What do you WANT to believe?

We tell you unequivocally from where we stand in our non-judgmental – neutral but loving state we care NOT! Well – that is not entirely true – we care that you are happy – we know that as a possibility and we would want to choose that for you – but of course – it is not our choice to make – it is YOURS!

Dear One we see a glorious child of Light within you!  We know the support you are to the people in your life and we also know that that “counts” as a purpose  – that is if feel you have to have one – but we’ve noticed you humans feel better having one. Do you think you do not make an enormous difference in the lives of your friends and loved ones? Do not diminish the value you bring to the planet at this time Dear Child by not believing what you see is “enough!” You have the free will to make that choice but we just don’t see how that brings you joy frankly.

If the only answer to your “why” questions is because of what “they” say – or “you should” do or you are comparing yourself to others – you may want to re-evaluate your criteria. Make your self “Right”.

Make yourself OK.

Allow Joy.

Allow Peace.

Allow Love.

Drop the rock.

All is well – indeed all is VERY well.

We know the light that you are!  And we have NO doubts!

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