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One summer evening during a violent thunderstorm a mother was  tucking her small boy into bed.  She was about to turn off the  light when he asked with a tremor in his voice, “Mommy, will you sleep with me tonight?”

The mother smiled and gave him a reassuring hug. “I can’t  dear,” she said.  “I have to sleep in Daddy’s room.”

A long silence was broken at last by his shaky little voice: “The big sissy.”

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UGGGHHH! or YAY!!!! ??? U B The Judge

“Follow-Through” . . . . .UGGHHH?  or YAY????

I’ll be honest.  My first thought when I hear those words “follow-thru” is UGGGGGGHHHHH!  BIG TIME!

It comes from years and years of making promises to myself (and others) that I wasn’t able to keep at the time.  Wasn’t able because I wasn’t willing.  Wasn’t willing because it was either the wrong choice for me at the time or I was too afraid . . .  or both!

So . . . “follow-thru” isn’t really a phrase you will hear me use very often.

But right now . . . . “follow-thru” is a critical phrase for me and probably for you too.

Because WITHOUT “follow-thru”  it is highly unlikely you will get where you want to go to, no matter how much you say you “want” to.

Follow-thru is about taking ACTION.  It’s about DOING not just dreaming.  It’s about manifesting into PHYSICAL form because we are spiritual beings who have chosen (this time ’round at least) to have a PHYSICAL human experience.

Follow-thru is about writing this blog post.  Not THINKING about writing the blog post.  Not WISHING I would write the blog post.  Not FLOGGING MYSELF because I haven’t YET written the blog post.  It’s about WRITING the bloody blog post!

And the mere act of following-thru with ACTION . . . is the key that unlocks the golden door of manifestation.  Because when we ACT, all of the power of the Universe is activated on our behalf.  Did you realize that?

The Universe can only match the vibration we give out.  If we give out the “I’ll do it later” vibe . . . then we get “I’ll get it later” vibes returned.  That’s how the Law of Attraction works.  It’s straight quantum physics that part.  So “wishing” we’d take that next step forward brings us more wishes and more opportunities to keep wishing!

But actually TAKING the step forward . . . well . . . WOW! . . . that opens up a whole ‘nother  Universe . . . literally!  It opens up the Universe of Infinite Possibility  . . . because in our act of stepping forward, in our ACT of taking ACTion . . . we send out a vibe to the Universe that says “I’m READY!  Let’s HIT IT! NOW please!”

And THEN the Universe says . . . . “GREAT!  Hold onto your hat! ” . . . .

In our act of DOING instead of wishing or hoping or berating or stalling or whatever word you want to insert there . . . our act of DOING sends out a ripple effect of bringing into physical form that which we are showing our desire for by our ACTion.

Do you get how powerful that is?

Do you get how powerful YOU are?

Do you get that that tiny little wee baby step that feels so f’ing monumental . . . MATTERS?  Matters BIG TIME?

And let’s be really clear here!  It’s not “which” step you take.  It doesn’t matter whether you choose to go forward or backward or left or right . . . the only thing that matters is the DO-ing.  WHICHEVER step you take, the forward momentum of your vibration will lead you to the next step . . . and ultimately . . if you keep taking those itsy bitsy teeny weeny little steps . . . ultimately you WILL . . . WIHTOUT A DOUBT . . . manifest what you are seeking OR something even BETTER!

I know the fear can seem awfully real.

I know you can easily fall into the trap of believing False Evidence Appearing Real.

And that’s OK  . . . . for a while . . . .

But please, oh please, oh PRETTY PLEASE do NOT let it KEEP you stuck.

Bookmark this post and come back and read it when you notice you are NOT moving forward with whatever it is.

Read it AGAIN to remind you of your TRUTH!

The Truth that you are a Glorious Child of a Loving God.  The Truth that JOY is your divine birthright by CHOICE!

The truth of quantum physics and the fundamental principle of the Law of Attraction . . . .

What you think about . . . you bring about . . . and if you are only THINKING it . . . that is NOT a PHYSICAL form . . . DO-ing it makes it a physical reality.

DO ing the little bitty baby step . . . NOW!

Not tomorrow.

Not an hour from now.

Not next week.


Do it NOW because you DESERVE it.

Then do it AGAIN because of how GREAT you feel because YOU DID IT!



And oh  please, please share it with us here below in the comments section so we can all celebrate with you.  When Joy is shared it multiplies exponentially!

How fun to think of all of us doing the Dance of Joy for everyone who leaves a comment below because they TOOK THE STEP!


Rainbow Blessings!

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I gave up mind-f**king myself this year.

It is part of my intention to love myself more – the unconditional kind of way – like the Universe and how I believe God loves me.

And so . . . the Universe is presenting me with lots of opportunities to confirm that I’m sure about that.  It’s called the Law of Opposites – which I’m now consciously aware of (thank goodness) thanks to my friend and healer extraordinaire Leeza Robertson.

One of the ways I screw myself in the head  is by using my intellect against me!  Because I have the gift of being able to see all sides of an issue and I can do that with relatively no effort, I regularly feel like the little silver ball in a pinball machine, being flipped around from one end of the machine to the other with all the points going DING DING DING – look over here!!!!  Of course the big problem there is that  *** I’m*** the one in control of the paddles!!!!

It’s a cacophony in my head and I tell you it’s one of my biggest challenges so it’s no surprise that now that I’ve sent my intention to move THROUGH it . . . I’m creating situations to do just that!

Here’s an example:

My dryer recently needed repair and the home warranty company sent John out.  He was (is) a VERY nice man who went out of his way to assist me, for which I am VERY grateful!  It turns out I had a substantial repair bill so he had to call the warranty company for authorization.  The warranty company gave me a choice of taking the cash of the cost of the repair (to be used towards my own purchase of a new dryer) or proceeding with the actual repair.

After considering my options briefly while the warranty guy was on hold, I chose to proceed with the repair because frankly, I was going out of town in a few days and didn’t want the hassle or the expense of shopping and arranging for installation of a new unit.

I consented to the repair with the home warranty guy, the home warranty guy authorized John for the repair and the phone call was over.

And then . . .

The pinball machine started in my head!

“Well maybe I should have gotten a new unit.  I could wait till I get back.  I’d have a brand new unit.  But no, I don’t want to bother with it then either.  Way too much hassle. ”

Yada, Yada, Yada  . . . . the little silver ball was racking up points like mad!!!!!

And then . . . the AHA moment kicked in!

I suddenly and DELICIOUSLY realized that . . . .

I could make ANY choice I WANTED!!!!!!

Just because I had the SKILLS to see every side of an issue, and just because it had become a pattern for me originally ingrained by my [always-logical-never-emotional] lawyer-father – did NOT mean I had to always USE the skills for EVERY damn decision!!!!!

I’m telling you that was an ENTIRELY new concept to me!!!

For over 50 years I’ve examined every side of every issue,  to the best of my ability,  like it was a life or death case.  That’s how I was raised.  My father valued ration and logic over just about EVERYTHING.  If I could use a logical, rational argument about almost anything – I not only received my Dad’s praise, but if it was something I physically wanted, I frequently would get it by being logical and rational.

But if I used emotion – AT ALL – or if I was just a kid who “wanted it” for the sake of “wanting it” – then I was pretty much guaranteed a definite NO which was also frequently followed by a “go to your room” or more dire consequences.


Light bulb moment!!!

Guess what???

I just turned 57 years old!!!!  Dad went up with the angels in 2009!!  And I’ve been on my own and out from his roof since I was 17 anyway!!!!

So I can give myself permission to make any damn decision I want!  Rational or NOT!!  Emotional or NOT!

MY choice!!  As long as I can align with it and feel good about it because those are MY values and MY life principles these days!



See if you can catch yourself the next time you start second guessing yourself.  Pause a minute and determine whether you are just playing out an old pattern.  Ask yourself whether that is serving you well TODAY!

And if the answer is NO . . . . then make a conscious, current decision to build a new pattern that DOES serve you.  Ask the Universe to help you if you want.

And of course . . . .

I’m here for you also!

Here’s to happy, CONSCIOUS, aligned decisions and choices!!!


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First Chocolate Bar

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Little Johnny and his friend Billy were on their very first train ride, with Billy’s mother.

A vendor came down the corridor selling a candy bar that neither had ever seen before. Billy’s mom bought each one of them a bar.

Little Johnny eagerly tore open the wrapper and bit a bit off into his mouth just as the train went into a tunnel. When the train emerged from the tunnel, he looked across at Billy and said: “I wouldn’t eat that if I were you.”

“Why not?” asked Billy.

Little Johnny replied, “I took one bite and went blind for half a minute.”

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“We’re not unhappy because we don’t have enough of what we think that we want.  We are unhappy because we are resisting what is currently in our lives and are frantically caught up in trying to fix something  that we perceive to be broken.”

~ Katharine Woodward Thomas

Frequently, as the new year begins and we start focusing on our intentions, we cannot help also focusing on what we believe we DO NOT have – the opposite of what we are intending to create the remainder of the year.

That conflict can create stress and almost always brings up resistance.  We do NOT want to admit that things ARE they way they ARE, even though of course, they ARE!!!

And that is THE key to maintaining happiness!  Accept what IS.  Make peace with what IS.  Find the blessing in what IS.  It doesn’t mean you have to stay there – that’s why you are ARE setting intentions for what you want to create.

But it also doesn’t mean that you keep beating yourself up, making yourself wrong, or trying to hide from the present.  Anything we make wrong or try to hide from we actually ADD to the energy of it!  That’s what creates the energetic resistance!

When you can make whatever it is just plain OK – FOR NOW — then you take the charge out of it.  The energy can keep flowing!  Resistance BLOCKS energy from flowing and blocked energy cannot create what you want – the flow is stopped during the time you are resisting.

Here’s a little exercise you can do anytime you notice you are focused on what you DON’T have or what you DON’T want.

Get some paper and a pen.  Make 2 columns on the paper. Now on the left side of the page, make a list of all the things you don’t like.  Leave a few lines between each item.

“I don’t like the number in my bank account.”

I don’t like the number on the scale.

I don’t like how my kids/parents/spouse are behaving.

On the right hand side of the page, next to each item, now write:

Even though I don’t like this situation, I accept it now exactly as it is.

I surrender any resistance to it and invite

my Higher Self/Angels/Christ (whatever suits your beliefs)

to show me the blessings and to help me change my perspective now.

Thank You Universe!

There will be some extra “oomph” if you write that prayer for EACH item on your list – but – if you are in a hurry – then just write it at the end and if possible, say it out loud also.  You want to add as much energy and feeling to the prayer as possible.

When you feel complete with the exercise, go on about your day with a smile, EXPECTING your heart and mind to be changed.

Expect miracles and you WILL receive them! And dooo, please-oh -lease – send me an email and let me know!!

Here’s to your happiness NOW!!

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It was 5:00 a.m and the father went to his son Shawn’s bedroom door, knocked and said, “Son, it’s time to get up!   Jump in the shower and we’ve got to leave ASAP to catch any fish.”

Soon it was 5:30 and dad had the coffee brewing, the boat hooked up and he just finished packing the truck, when he noticed Shawn still wasn’t up. Furious the dad pounded on his son’s bedroom door a second time and yelled,  “Jesus rose from the dead and you can’t even get out of bed!”

To which the son replies, “Yeah, but it took Jesus three days!!”

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I received an email yesterday from James Twyman that included the message below from James’ colleague, Dannion Brinkley.   I was so moved by Dannion’s message that I felt compelled to share it with all of you.

I’ve had the unique pleasure and privilege of spending several hours over the past few years with Dannion Brinkley and his wife/soulmate Kathryn Brinkley.  I’ve even been fortunate enough to be at their beautiful home here in Henderson (a suburb of Las Vegas), Nevada.

You may know of Dannion as the man that survived being struck by lightning TWICE and who has come back from the dead THREE times!  He’s written several books about these experiences, what he learned and what he was told while on the other side of the veil.

Dannion has a passionate mission in life and when you hear him talk about it, especially in person as I have,  you cannot help but be moved — well at least most people I’ve been with have felt that way.  I feel compelled to share Dannion’s mission with you today   . . . and if you feel guided then I invite YOU to share Dannion’s mission with your community.

Do ONLY what feels “right” to you . . . OF COURSE . . . .  as always!!  : )

Thanks in advance for reading!!!!

From Dannion:

Right now–as you read this–there are brave men and women putting their life on the line for you and me. While they do, 75,000 of our brave Veterans from WWII, Korea and Vietnam are dying every month. And of those, MANY are making their final passage ALONE.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

They deserve better than that. To leave these men and women alone in their final days borders on being immoral.

They were there when we needed them. We must be there now that they need us.

The Twilight Brigade is a leader in providing and standardizing end-of-life care for Veterans, meeting the unique needs of dying Vets and their survivors. By the end of 2011, the number of Vets dying will increase to 100,000 each month! Some of these Vets, described by Tom Brokaw as “The Greatest Generation,” are the Vets who went to war, came home, and built the greatest industrialized nation in history–the United States. There is an URGENT need for those who love Veterans or are loved by our Veterans to step up and help The Twilight Brigade meet this urgent need. Expanding and training our volunteer corps depends on you.

Today is a day you can make a difference, a big difference. Without your help as a Volunteer or Donor, more Vets will die alone.

We don’t want to ask for your contribution without giving you something great in return. For your donation of $25 or more, we will give you a free streaming video of my 90-minute presentation on “How to Activate the Gift of Compassion within You,” from Agape’s Revelation Conference.

“The dying need tender loving care, nothing more.” ~Mother Teresa

There’s still time to go on-line to make your donation:

I look forward to hearing from you, sending you my talk, and acknowledging you for joining the team honoring and supporting
our Vets.

Warmest Regards,

The Twilight Brigade Chair and Co-Founder

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Drawing God

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A kindergarten teacher was walking around observing her classroom of children while they were drawing pictures. As she got to one girl who was working diligently, she asked what the drawing was.

The girl replied, “I’m drawing God.”

The teacher paused and said, “But no one knows what God looks like.”

Without looking up from her drawing, the girl replied, “They will in a minute.”

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This morning, when I first began to awaken from a nice deep sleep (which is rare for me) my first thought was just how tired I was!  The bed felt quite cozy and I was definitely NOT ready to get up yet!

Then the mind-chatter began along the lines of:

“Well you BETTER get up because you have that HUGE to do list!”

“How are you EVER going to get all the stuff done on that list feeling this way?”

“Come on girl – just get on with it – you’ve done it before – you know how!”

There was another parallel line of chatter that went along THESE lines:

“Well you could just stay in bed and get the rest you seem to need.”

“Some of that stuff isn’t that important anyway – it can wait.”

“Why don’t you do your meditations and prayers and then see how you feel?”

And there we were – another day at the races!  EGO & Critical Parent vs. HIGHER SELF, a disconcerting morning ritual I have allowed to become a pattern.  A pattern I decided to RELEASE and CHANGE in 2011.  Because it is more about self-hate then it is about self-love and frankly – I’m just plain tired of the self-loathing!  Finally!!

So then I begun THIS conversation with myself – this time including God, my guides, angels, and The Universe . . .

“How can I make my life easy and joyful?”

“Please show me how to make my life easy and joyful?”

“Thank you for showing me how to allow my life to be easy and joyful.”

WHAT A CONCEPT eh?  It IS how our lives are meant to be you know!  I choose to believe that and so now I am having the opportunity to discover where my beliefs are in conflict AND to choose again!!

I was planning on staying in bed a bit longer when I heard the Skype chirp from my office computer and realized it was probably my dear friend checking in before she was off to the hospital to pick up her partner from a pretty serious procedure he was having done.  So I dis-engaged from the snuggly covers and headed across the hall to my home office and checked in with her.

After she signed off, I heard the mind chatter begin AGAIN!

“Should we go back to bed?”

– YES! YES! YES! a portion of the crowd roared – including the physical me!

“Should we get dressed and begin the day?”

– Mixed reviews to that – some said YES, come on, let’s get on with it – others were more inclined to head back under the covers, and a few offered up various items on my To-Do list for consideration!

That conversation was being held as I stood in front of my dresser/makeup/jewelry cabinet.

I looked down at it and THIS conversation began:

The  critical voice started shouting . . . .

“Look at that mess!  You’ve been meaning to clear that up for WEEKS now!”  Just like the rest of the house – clutter everywhere!”

Another voice said . . .

“But geesh – we’re SOOO tired and there are soooo many other higher priorities.”

And then . . . .

The Still, Small Voice said . . . .

“What if you just put away those few pieces of jewelry there on the top?  And maybe just threw away the little bits of trash that are up there?  You could do that couldn’t you?  Not really THAT much effort is it?”

Ahhhhhhh . . . . . .

I COULD do that!!!  That was NOT too much to do!!

But it sure wasn’t on my agenda for the day AT ALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!  I “should” be doing this, and that, and this and that . . . .and . . . . .

Oh . . . ok . . . just get back to this little tiny task right here . . . in THIS present moment . . .

Oh . . . yes . . . . OK . . . . .

Of course, in 2-3 minutes I could see the top of the furniture again which, of course, also perked up my outlook and suddenly I noticed I was feeling a bit brighter and had a teensy weensy bit more energy also!

So I decided to get dressed instead of going back to bed.  Then the dog wanted to go out front so I took her outside and while she played and took care of HER business . . . I decided to do a bit more weeding of the flower bed, a project I began a week or two ago every time I take Lola out.  I had pulled up quite a large stack of weeds by the time Lola was done  – and again – suddenly noticed that lovely feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction kicking in —  though – weeding had NOT been on my agenda EITHER this morning!

Then, a funny thing happened  . . .

I realized . . . that my morning prayers, were being answered!

There I was simply going about the day as it NATURALLY progressed (without me pushing, shoving, resisting or forcing) and it was unfolding quite nicely indeed!  I wasn’t struggling to choose whether I should do THIS or THAT . . . I just did what was next and before I consciously realized it, the girl who wanted to stay in under the covers – who had no energy – and who couldn’t figure out what to do – was now dressed, had already accomplished two tasks that lifted her spirits, was given the inspiration for THIS article to write (which became the next task btw) and the day is now off to quite a fine start!!!

Don’t you just love it?????

So next time you notice your internal board room having a . . .  shall we say . . . “heated discussion”  . . . STOP THE TAPE!

Ask the Universe to be the mediator!


Then go do the very next thing that comes into your mind – no matter how trivial or stupid or “off task” the critical mind part of you thinks it is!

No doubt you too may end up pulling up some “weeds” from your day and feeling pretty good about it!


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SO LONG 2010! WELCOME 2011!

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Rainbow New Year’s Blessings to you!

May this be your greatest year ever!

As part of my New Year preparations each year, I frequently do a ritual called The Burning Bowl Ceremony.  This year, (or should I say LAST year – 2010) I invited my virtual family, friends and clients to participate in the ceremony by sending me their lists of everything they wanted to leave behind in 2010.

The invitation and the details about the Burning Bowl Ceremony was posted HERE.

When I invited everyone to participate, I had not intended on filming the ceremony, but as I began to prepare on New Year’s Eve, Spirit kept nudging at me — a bit like my Lovely Lola (my chihuahua) does when she wants attention!  It became clear that “They” wanted it on video — so . . .

Here is the result!

I’m truly honored and grateful to all those who sent in their releasing lists! It was deeply fulfilling for me to conclude 2010 – living my life purpose:  to be of service to YOU!

It is never too late to begin anew — so if you feel a Divine Nudge after watching the video or reading the BYE BYE 2010 post, go ahead and conduct your own version of the ceremony!!

And if you need any help — just email me!

Make this your most magnificent year ever!  Only YOU have the power!

Rainbow Blessings!

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